Our Banking Bullseye: Replacing Surefire CRM with Total Expert

When we began the process of replacing our Surefire financial services CRM, we knew our new solution would have to help us do three key things: shorten loan cycles, keep borrowers better informed throughout those loan cycles, and deliver a better customer experience (CX) that keeps Dart Bank top of mind when our clients need additional bank services.

But we didn’t expect it to be easy to find a new CRM that could do what Dart Bank needed it to do. Our hybrid workforce is spread across four brick-and-mortar offices and seven loan production offices in Michigan. How we communicate and connect with Dart Bank borrowers continually evolves as borrower preferences change. And our borrowers want to connect with Dart Bank team members in different ways — some, for instance, still want to come into the office, while others prefer to use chat or instant messaging.

Then we discovered Total Expert.

Not only does Total Expert efficiently and effectively help Dart Bank accomplish our key CRM objectives, it makes our loan officers significantly more productive and enables us to do essentially whatever we want when it comes to customer communications.

For simpler programs, we use Total Expert’s prebuilt capabilities and out-of-the-box integrations with other technology, like BombBomb. Then, when we need more advanced capabilities, we customize Total Expert however we need. (Total Expert’s customization capabilities are incredible, by the way!). Plus, we can analyze and report on all Total Expert marketing programs, either using Total Expert’s own analytics or by integrating Total Expert with another business intelligence tool.

Now, with Total Expert, we can market and cross-sell to Dart Bank’s mortgage and banking customers using one, unified CRM database that houses all their data. We can onboard and market to customers in a simpler, more automated way thanks to Total Expert integrations with third-party tools like Blend, Encompass, and BombBomb. We can quickly and easily connect Dart Bank’s referral partners. We can make professionally designed, Marketing-approved fliers easily available online to any Dart Bank loan officer, no matter where they are. We can even create task lists in Total Expert that automatically remind loan officers of things like borrower anniversaries and when to follow up with customers.

These kinds of capabilities matter because today’s borrowers don’t just want to know what’s happening right now — they want their bank to help them understand and prepare for what’s happening next. With Total Expert, Dart Bank can stay in front of our customers, so they’re much more likely to think of us whenever financial needs arise.

By Bryan Clark, SVP of Mortgage Banking, Dart Bank