Adding the Human Touch to Bank Marketing

In 2020, we knew a new CRM system was the way we at Horicon Bank needed to modernize — to become more digital and intentional and find a way to capture and centralize all our customer knowledge, so everyone who needed it could get to it. We wanted to strengthen our sales and marketing teams strategies to be more automated when deepening customer relationships and become the integrated, efficient, and effective engine we need to be.  

Frankly, a new CRM was a long time coming. We’d known for many years that Horicon needed one, but our fast growth and business acquisitions kept us too busy to take on that kind of massive project. Not to mention finding the right partner to be successful. Implementing a CRM is a big internal cultural shift — I’m not sure we would’ve had the proper time or focus to launch and manage the deployment if we’d attempted it back then, timing is everything 

But now we found the right partner with Total Expert and cultural commitment as we’re implementing, and even mid-implementation we’re already so impressed. Total Expert is an essential component of our data strategy. The ability to bring together a variety of data sources, like our Finastra Fusion Phoenix core banking system and Finastra Fusion Analytics, helps to create a customer profile. Everyone, in any line of the business — from business banking to mortgage lending or digital banking — can access the same holistic customer and prospect data. We’ve built our first Total Expert-powered “Journey” — a month-long, four-email onboarding sequence for new checking account customers. And we’re delivering stronger, more personalized, and consistent messaging via the communication vehicles each member of our audience prefers. 

But most importantly, in a digital world, we continue to provide human touches with our customers because we can orchestrate memorable financial experiences taking them on journeys through significant moments that matter to them. We’re communicating “with” them — not “at” them. 

The strategies Total Expert enables are the ones we believe will set us apart. They’ll help us better navigate rising-rate market environments like the one we have now. They’ll help us demonstrate empathy toward — and leave a lasting, positive impression on — customers who choose to take their business elsewhere for now. They’ll help us identify customers with opportunities to grow and deepen their relationships. 

But Total Expert isn’t just helping us modernize our external marketing. We’re also planning to use it to enhance Horicon employee engagement with internal training messages and videos. That kind of insight will help us solidify our customer centric culture and continue to more easily identify which content and tactics work best. A true holistic approach with external and internal customers alike! 

Moving to Total Expert has already paid off for us. And we’re just getting started.  

By Chrissy Oelke, Data Insights Manager – AVP, Horicon Bank