2022 Expy Awards Highlight: The Game Changer – Mortgage Investors Group

At Mortgage Investors Group, our main priority is improving the customer’s homebuying experience. With the help of Total Expert, we’ve been able to establish a valuable touchpoint with our customers from the very beginning, using insights to improve our personalized service and communication.” – Moneek Langston, vice president of marketing at Mortgage Investors Group

As a leading provider of single-family residential mortgages in the Southeast, Mortgage Investors Group provides personalized service to help families fulfill their dreams of homeownership. Using top technology to ensure an ideal lending experience, the organization is committed to helping borrowers find the best solution for their home-financing needs. 

For its commitment to using data and insights to drive meaningful organizational change, Mortgage Investors Group is the recipient of Total Expert’s 2022 Expy Award for “The Game Changer.”

Improved Customer Journeys with Game-Changing Results

After Accelerate 2021, the Mortgage Investors Group team left feeling inspired with new ideas to improve their customers’ homebuying experiences. With many ideas to pull from, the team discussed the top priorities for their first project, emphasizing the importance of adding a valuable point of communication to the customer at the start of their homebuying experience.

With this first project, the team laid out the following core objectives:

  1. Establish an early touchpoint with the borrower in their homebuying process
  2. Ensure the customer that they have done everything that they need to do at this point
  3. Clearly communicate the firm’s mission: Always do what is best for the customer

From there, the team utilized Total Expert’s marketing automation and Journey capabilities to develop an automated email campaign. They crafted a welcome email authored by Chrissi Rhea, president and CEO, that clearly articulated the company’s mission and provided a touchpoint that reaffirmed the value of partnering with their loan officers. 

The results were more impressive than the team could have imagined. Through this new welcome campaign, Mortgage Investors Group earned an open rate of 76%. Customers have responded positively to the welcome campaign, with more than 100 customers even going as far as to send emails to Mortgage Investors Group’s loan officers and Chrissi herself to articulate their appreciation for their help throughout the often-stressful home purchasing period. 

Taking Action with Technology to Elevate the Homebuying Experience

The team at Mortgage Investors Group affectionately refers to themselves as “small, but mighty.” But the impact they offer their customers has been anything but small. 

For years, Mortgage Investors Group has been dedicated to thinking outside the box to identify new opportunities for improving the homebuying experience – even if those opportunities are more commonly used by larger-scale organizations. The team has integrated technology partners such as BombBomb with the Total Expert’s platform to find new value and enhance their ability to connect with customers. 

In addition to benefiting its customers, the company’s embrace of technology has provided benefits to internal teams, as well. For example, Mortgage Investors Group recently introduced an AI bot – Miggie – which is loaded with custom Total Expert information to help address loan officers’ questions about the platform and give them marketing recommendations. This has allowed their admins to focus their attention on more strategic projects. 

Total Expert has allowed our team to work more strategically, automate important customer communications, find new opportunities for personalization, and create significant value for our customers,” said Langston. “We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen to date, and we’re excited to push their platform even farther – all to the benefit of the customers we serve.”

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