Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC. Delivers Co-Branded Marketing Messages Featuring Valuable Realtor Partners

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“The first — but not last — ‘wow’ moment I had about Total Expert was when I learned about its Journeys. My immediate reaction was, ‘This is crazy. I can’t believe we’re going to be able to do this!’”

Jelaire Grillo, Customer Relationship Manager

Co-Branding with Realtors via a CRM Purpose-Built for Financial Services

Prosperity Home Mortgage strives to create an extraordinary customer experience through the efforts of knowledgeable, caring mortgage professionals who value relationships and treat every client as if they were the only one.

But it’s a firm largely built upon relationships with real estate agents. That’s why, when leaders were upgrading Prosperity’s sales and marketing platform to be more modern and automated, they knew they had to find one that could also foster those realtor relationships and envelop their agent partners more tightly within the folds of Prosperity’s business.

They selected Total Expert.

Prosperity Home Mortgage Achieved

  • A mortgage consultant adoption rate greater than 94%
  • Regular Total Expert usage of more than 50%
  • Higher email open rates that continue to climb

The Total Expert Difference

With Total Expert, more than 500 Prosperity mortgage consultants can easily position themselves alongside their trusted agent partners in co-branded messages sent to customers. They also can more closely collaborate with Prosperity’s marketing team, so, as a whole, Prosperity can create and deliver messaging that more soundly connects with its customers and prospects.

For example:

  • Marketing and mortgage consultants work together to build out innovative, complex Journeys that accurately and uniquely represent each agent relationship, how they operate their business, and what their brand looks like.
  • Mortgage consultants can personalize Total Expert’s pre-set automation capabilities and create contact lists that enable more effective email targeting.
  • Marketing can customize strategy-specific Journeys, like the ones they built that help convert leads — people who inquire about a loan but haven’t yet completed an application — into prospects.

Leaders credit Total Expert with helping Prosperity more intentionally and efficiently attract more customers while setting their mortgage consultants apart from the rest. More than 94% of its mortgage consultants use Total Expert — a whopping adoption rate — with 50% of them logging into it on a regular basis. In addition, Prosperity’s email open rates continue to climb.