FinLocker Integrates Total Expert Journeys Into Its Financial Fitness App

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“Before Total Expert, we didn’t have a data-driven way to guide consumers through a journey that armed them with the financial wellness and mortgage-readiness tools they needed to complete each stage of the lending lifecycle as efficiently as possible.”

Brian Vieaux, President and CEO

Automated Journeys for the Entire Lending Lifecycle

FinLocker’s free, secure financial fitness app enables people to achieve the dream of homeownership and financial well-being by proactively becoming financially fit and mortgage-ready. It does this by giving each user a personalized journey for achieving loan eligibility based upon a deep analysis of their personal financial data, so they can quickly arrive at a mutually agreeable loan transaction with their lenders.

Among other things, the app helps consumers organize their financials and understand their credit score. It also arms them with personalized recommendations, education about homeownership and mortgages, cash flow analysis, and budget and goal planning tools. But what the app — the “Locker” — couldn’t do in 2021 was cohesively guide consumers through a journey that gave them the right tools for each stage of the lending lifecycle.

As a Microsoft shop, leaders at FinLocker first evaluated different Microsoft technologies in the hopes one could enable them to create the type of journey needed. When it became clear the amount of effort, time, and investment required to build a Microsoft-powered journey wasn’t practical — and building a custom solution in-house wasn’t feasible — leaders turned to Total Expert.

FinLocker Achieved

  • Deeper, more meaningful customer engagement
  • Accelerated loan process
  • Easier recruitment of top talent

The Total Expert Difference

Using Total Expert’s journeys, leaders built into the Locker a Journey that features a variety of financial events, alerts, milestones, and tracking. Lenders then layer on top of that FinLocker Journey the detailed financial information they possess about each of their customers — like if they’re approvable today or will be next month — then alerts and other events guide each customer through their unique path to mortgage readiness.

Inside Total Expert’s journey platform, FinLocker built multiple journeys to introduce the various financial tools and resources in the Locker to consumers. Driven by data and responding to financial events and milestones, additional journeys guide each consumer through their personalized path to achieve mortgage readiness and homeownership. 

With Total Expert, FinLocker can customize the Journeys with each client’s private-labeled FinLocker branding, helping lenders, banks, and credit unions drive deeper, more meaningful engagement with their customers and arrive at mutually agreeable loan transactions more quickly and seamlessly. It’s also helping FinLocker attract top talent to its team.