2022 Expy Awards Highlight: The Technology Trailblazer – Assurance Financial

“Our team members at Assurance Financial really are ‘people people,’ in every sense of the word. Using Total Expert’s purpose-built technology, we’ve been able to streamline our customer communications for a smooth lending process from beginning to end.” – Katherine Campbell, chief digital officer at Assurance Financial 

Helping Americans purchase homes since 2001, Assurance Financial has revolutionized the use of technology in the mortgage lending industry. Unlike large banks, Assurance Financial handles the entire mortgage process in-house, allowing the flexibility required to best serve its customers. Add in a strategic technology stack and you have the perfect recipe for a modern financial institution. 

For its commitment to leveraging smart technology and blazing the trail for the industry, Assurance Financial is the recipient of Total Expert’s 2022 Expy Award for “The Technology Trailblazer.” 

At a time when functional customer technology has become more important than ever, Assurance Financial has made transformational updates to its organization. In the last three years, the financial firm has adopted 29 new technologies – with Total Expert serving as the communications anchor for them all.

The first step to the technology stack was an intranet that would assist the entire team in effectively using all of these new technologies. Known as “the Hub,” it quickly became a trusted internal resource for accessing information, supporting materials, a ticketing system, and video tutorials for platforms like Total Expert. 

The team at Assurance Financial also integrated a state-of-the-art AI tool called “Ask Abby” with Total Expert, allowing loan officers to quickly pull CRM data and “click to call” from within the chatbot function. The Abby AI program provides around-the-clock personal touches to the lending experience, adding a human touch to a digital-first model.

To round out their technology stack, the Assurance Financial team integrated their alert systems into Total Expert for fully automated journeys, including emails and texts to borrowers. This application of technology has benefited customers and internal teams alike. The integration has significantly increased the number of inquiries to the sales team, who had previously relied solely on outbound calls to attract leads. 

“Total Expert has been more than simply a tech tool for our team,” said Katherine Campbell, chief digital officer at Assurance Financial. “They have been a strategic partner that helped us modernize our digital approach and earn greater trust with our customers.”

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