2022 Expy Awards Highlight: The Journey Wiz – United Community Bank Mortgage Services

“Catherine is a wizard when it comes to using Total Expert to build journeys and connect the right people at the right time. Her work to make each customer feel like family is what separates United Community Bank Mortgage Services from other financial institutions.”  – Mike Davies, President, United Community Bank Mortgage Services

While Total Expert makes it easy to create a customized journey, it takes a savvy professional to know how to fully utilize the platform offerings. For United Community Bank’s mortgage team, Catherine Moore is that expert. Catherine’s use of journeys and automation to intelligently communicate with all customers of the United Community Bank Mortgage Services database, not just borrowers, has set them apart from other banks in the Southeastern United States.  

For her commitment to leveraging smart technology to drive retention and create lifelong customers, Catherine Moore, marketing manager at United Community Bank, is one of three recipients of Total Expert’s 2022 Expy Award for “The Journey Wiz.”   

Making Automation the New Standard 

Catherine’s biggest project for United Community Bank in 2022 has been a persona-based journey that uses Total Expert to nurture purchase, construction-to-permanent, and refinancing prospects. Utilizing custom fields built for a survey embedded on the United Community Bank website, the journey uses responses to specific questions to determine the path. This automated plan increases chances of conversion for loan officers and serves as a differentiator in the overall customer experience.  

Catherine is also using automation to build United Community Bank’s mortgage loan originators’ online presence by automatically sending out an email for an online review following a closing. She also implemented a custom automation to make it easier for borrowers to remember how and when to make their mortgage payments. This blend of technology and communication creates a more seamless customer experience since it can be difficult for customers to figure out how to pay online. In return, loan originators have more space to focus on generating new business.   

Catherine also collaborated with others at United Community Bank Mortgage Service to build out a recruiting journey that delivers information about United Community Bank’s niche mortgage products, tech stack, support team, and bank to recruits our sales managers are nurturing. Her creative use of journeys even has contacts being enrolled in “customer for life” marketing campaigns that automatically deliver personalized marketing and milestone content to help keep United Community Bank relevant for customers.

“Total Expert has made it possible to map out the best journeys and automations to engage with our customers and grow our business,” said Catherine Moore, recipient of this year’s Journey Wiz Expy Award. “I’m excited for all the possibilities we can explore with Total Expert in my back pocket.” 

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