Momentum Loans Builds a Better Lending Experience with Total Expert

Momentum Loans is a Utah-based mortgage lender focused on bringing technology and people together to transform the lending experience for its customers. With nearly 50 loan officers, the company focuses on conventional lending for individual borrowers, as well as those working with Ivory Homes, Utah’s top homebuilder. 

At a Glance 

The Situation 

Momentum Loans sought a platform to support the entire customer journey – from lead to conversion to lifelong customer.

The Solution 
Total Expert offered sales productivity tools, collateral management, and Journey orchestration to transform Momentum Loans’ communication initiatives.   

The Success 

  • 20% in company growth attributed to Total Expert
  • Single platform to manage all sales and marketing activities
  • $20 million in loan funding generated in one month with Journey Creator 

The Situation 

Momentum Loans sought a customer engagement solution that would meet the needs of the growing company; one that allowed them to continually market to their database while giving loan officers the tools that they needed to track and manage their pipeline. 

“We were looking for a platform that could support where we are today while growing with us,” said James Cahoon, director of marketing and business development. “For us, it’s important to build a brand that our customers connect with. That way they know why we’re their partner of choice for their lending needs now and in the future.” 

In addition, the team at Momentum Loans knew the platform they selected had to enable their loan officers to continue to manage the customer experience throughout their lending journey. 

The Solution 

As an enterprise-level platform that serves as a single source of truth across the organization, Momentum Loans selected Total Expert to drive its communication strategy and goals forward.  

With Total Expert, Momentum Loans marketed to and managed its large database through Journey Creator, an always-on nurture tool powered by intelligent automation. Customers were enrolled in nurture campaigns based on where they were in their financial journeys; for instance, if they were a first-time homebuyer, they received different communication than an in-process customer.  

“Total Expert enabled us to focus on quality versus quantity in our communications,” continued Cahoon. “We have an internal, multi-discipline group focused on developing content to meet customers where they are in their financial journeys, and with Total Expert, we can easily create and distribute this communication on a regular basis.”  

It’s also important for Momentum Loans to empower its loan officers with sales productivity tools to help them manage their pipeline, manage tasks, and prioritize who they are following up with.  

“Like most lending shops, our loan officers are extremely busy, which can make it challenging to have consistent follow up,” said Cahoon. “With a single platform for marketing and sales, we can enroll contacts in nurture campaigns while our loan officers have the right tools in front of them to help prioritize outreach.”  

For both the company’s marketing and sales strategy, it goes beyond building relationships with consumers – it’s also important to communicate with key partners.  

“Distributing ongoing communications to our partners, like real estate agents, has always been a challenge,” said Cahoon. “But, with Total Expert, we’re able to manage it all in one system – while giving our loan officers the ability to create co-marketing resources to accelerate their relationships.”  

The Success 

Momentum Loans leveraged the Total Expert as its single source of truth for customer engagement across the marketing team and their loan officers to marry technology with people to create a unique lending process that drives a better customer experience.  

“At Momentum Loans, we’re focused on building a better lending experience,” said Cahoon. “Because of Total Expert, we’re able to do this – by giving us the ability to create a connected customer experience from lead to conversion to lifelong customer.”  

With the ability to house all lead and customer information in one database, Momentum Loans focused on segmenting and personalizing communication to give consumers the information they needed given where they were in the loan journey.  

And for Momentum Loans, the ability to do this was huge – in fact, they were able to generate more than $20 million in loan fundings from one email in one month.  

“The ability to leverage the Total Expert to manage our entire database with minimal effort is huge,” stated Cahoon. “Total Expert is a multiplier of effort – it takes the work we do, multiplies it, and as a result, converts a much higher percentage of our database than what we could do alone.”  

For loan officers, they experienced the benefits as well. Because of an intense workload, consistent communication often falls to the wayside. Total Expert took care of this so that loan officers could focus on tasks of the highest priority.  

“Total Expert amplified our marketing initiatives and enabled our loan officers to be more productive – and as a result, we saw our business grow by 20% over the course of a year because of Total Expert,” continued Cahoon.