Total Expert Releases Features to Help Banks and Lenders Build Pipeline in a Compressed Market

The summer product release includes capabilities and integrations to drive pipeline through new referral partners and improved lead management

MINNEAPOLIS—August 10, 2022 Total Expert, the CRM and customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, is rolling out new capabilities to help banks, lenders, and credit unions fill their pipelines with high-quality leads as market conditions have made capitalizing on every opportunity more critical. 

Given the competitive purchase lending market, it is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions to diversify their lead sources and deepen relationships with referral partners–all while helping consumers navigate the current market. To address this, Total Expert has developed new tools, enhanced capabilities, and innovative partnerships with six 3rd-party integrations to improve lead volume and quality while driving the efficiency of sales and marketing teams amidst the compressing market. 

“Total Expert’s new capabilities drive referrals and lead generation for banks and lenders–which is more important than ever given the current economic environment,” said Matt Tippets, chief product officer at Total Expert. “We also recognize that Total Expert serves as the hub for customer experience, and place a high level of importance on connecting with the tools that lenders rely on. Customers can leverage data and insights pulled from six new valuable industry integration partners to nurture leads and develop personal connections that generate retention and customer loyalty.”

New integrations with Ylopo and mortgage lead aggregator Mortgage Research Center will deliver lead data directly into the Total Expert platform to ensure financial institutions are using all available data to generate new business. CleverHomebot, and CredEvolv integrations will provide users with additional data, insights, and relationships to drive referral opportunities, with all three integrations funneling data from potential customers directly into Total Expert to generate mortgage lead volume. 

As Total Expert remains committed to providing users with centralized data from a variety of sources, a new integration with Model Match, a mortgage lender recruitment organization, will help financial institutions improve efficacy across their sales and marketing teams by allowing them to engage directly with prospects across the two platforms seamlessly without leaving Total Expert. 

The latest release also includes platform upgrades to help lenders strengthen lead quality and volume. Total Expert developed these tools to ensure users have the capability to proactively nurture their pipelines amidst sales and marketing teams: 

  • User Availability—Org Level Scheduling: Allows administrators to schedule when their organization will allow leads to be distributed and then worked in the platform. 
  • User Availability—Manual On/Off Switch: Provides individual users with the ability to select when they would like to receive leads. 
  • Preferred Dialer Settings: Allows users to select between their personal, office, or Total Expert dialer to make and receive calls with their leads. 

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