Total Expert Expands Customer Intelligence Solution to Include Consumer Life Event Data

Life Event data—the newest enhancement to Customer Intelligence from Total Expert—gives financial institutions the ability to engage at the moments that matter, maximizing the customer lifetime value.

MINNEAPOLIS— March 7, 2024—Total Expert, the leading customer engagement platform built for modern financial institutions, announces a major expansion of its industry-leading Customer Intelligence solution with the addition of life event data capabilities.

Life Events insights combine a financial institution’s in-house data with third-party data to continuously strengthen their contact profiles and help modern banks, credit unions, lenders, and insurance brokers fully understand each consumer’s needs. By identifying critical moments in a consumer’s life, financial institutions can show up when it matters most; educate, engage, and advise their customers; and maximize the lifetime value of every customer.

“Our team strives to consistently deliver new cutting-edge ways to help financial institutions better drive growth and win customers for life. By expanding the data capabilities of our Customer Intelligence solution to include Life Event insights, we’re enabling our customers to engage at the moments that matter,” stated Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu. “Imagine being able to let a customer know your institution is there to help them when buying a home, getting married, reaching retirement age, etc. The addition of Life Events is a powerful step toward financial institutions fostering enduring consumer relationships because they now have better insights into exactly when to engage and/or nurture those relationships and the information needed to become a trusted financial partner for life.”

In 2023, Total Expert Customer Intelligence surfaced over 2B insights and orchestrated journeys that have culminated in excess of $10.7 billion in loan applications and $6.7 billion in funded loans. A significant portion of those loans came from re-engaged leads and former customers who would have otherwise been overlooked due to long periods of inactivity in the lenders’ databases. With the addition of Life Events data and insights, Customer Intelligence users can further pinpoint and capitalize on opportunities within their existing database by engaging consumers before they make a major financial decision.

Examples of Life Events insights include:

  • Marriage/divorce
  • New parent/adoption
  • Graduation
  • Career change
  • Home purchase/relocation
  • Retirement
  • Age milestones (18, 25, 26, 59, 65, 67)

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