Total Expert Announces Customer Expy Award Winners at 2022 Accelerate Conference

The awards program honors high-performing financial institutions for their innovation and relentless commitment to improving customer experience

NASHVILLE – June 15, 2022Total Expert, the only CRM and customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, today announced the companies and individuals displaying an extraordinary commitment to customer experience as winners of the 2022 Expy Awards, Total Expert’s customer awards program. 

The Expy Awards were founded in 2021 to recognize Total Expert customers for their achievements and utilization of the platform to the highest extent. Winners were selected for their ability to unlock data-driven insights, build authentic connections, and deliver meaningful customer journeys that make an impact in their organizations and their communities. This year’s winners were announced at Total Expert’s 2022 Accelerate Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“Most financial institutions today still run their organizations with a transactional mindset. They don’t put the effort or the investment into expanding and nurturing the customer relationship​,” said Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert. “That’s why we’re thrilled to honor these companies and individuals who understand that the most valuable asset is a financially healthy, happy customer. They’re going above and beyond to help customers make better financial decisions, and in return, they’re building relationships for life.”

The Expys were awarded across seven categories, including:

  • The Adopter: Without universal adoption, even the most innovative technology can become shelfware. This year’s winner, Mountain West Financial, Inc., achieved a combined wholesale and retail lending adoption rate of more than 90% of their sales team using Total Expert. Their regular software training sessions for loan officers drove further adoption and sent conversion rates through the roof.
  • The Conductor: Access to data-driven insights alone won’t get the job done – knowing when to act and send the right messaging is key to success. TowneBank Mortgage leveraged Total Expert to develop personalized communications for their customers, identify new cross-sell opportunities, and push leads further down the sales funnel. 
  • The Game Changer: Blowing away all preconceptions of financial institutions, Mortgage Investors Group’s small but mighty marketing team used Total Expert to provide their top talent with irreplaceable tools and create valuable points of communication to better reach borrowers with meaningful, relevant messaging. A recent welcome campaign earned an impressive 76% open rate and loads of responses from customers. 
  • The Modernizer: By automating loan officer tasks within Total Expert, the team at American Pacific Mortgage has been able to drive impressive results, closing $24 billion in 2021 coming off of a year where they experienced a 60% growth in sales and 49% retention. As their team works to streamline their entire end-to-end customer journey, American Pacific Mortgage is making monumental strides to modernize the customer experience.
  • The Technology Trailblazer: This year’s winner, Assurance, adopted 29 new technologies over the past three years to better engage with customers, with Total Expert serving as an anchor for their automated communications. Assurance even integrated an AI tool with Total Expert’s platform to help loan officers quickly pull CRM data from within chatbots to help create stronger customer communications.
  • The Expander: Connecting the right customers with the right products is no easy feat, but Prevail Bank has achieved just that. By leveraging Total Expert, Prevail Bank connects with customers at every point in their financial journey and takes advantage of cross-selling opportunities and referrals. 
  • The Journey Wiz: While Total Expert makes it easy to create a customized journey, it takes a dedicated professional to cast the magic spell that drives retention and creates lifelong customers. These individuals are wizards when it comes to building Journeys that connect prospects and customers with the right message at the right time:
    • Amber Gmerek of Mann Mortgage created Journeys targeting the entire lifespan of the customer, helping Mann Mortgage implement over 40 customized active Journeys for their branches and loan officers. 
    • Jaci Betor of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is the master of all things Total Expert. Within her first six months at Fairway, Jaci created more than 40 new Journeys and improved workflows for 15 existing Journeys to improve customer engagement and retention.  
    • Catherine Moore of United Community Bank Mortgage Services leverages existing client information to grow the customer base and capitalize on deals. She demonstrated her expertise when she created a cross-sell campaign to drive retail growth and enhance customer loyalty across the bank. 

The Accelerate customer conference, an annual event highlighting customer experience innovation in financial institutions, brings together Total Expert customers, partners, and industry thought leaders for three days of discussion on driving growth, earning customer loyalty, and translating data into action. 

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