Total Expert Partners with Consortium of Community and Mid-Size Banks to Drive Marketing and Customer Engagement

Partnership with Alloy Labs Helps Community and Mid-Size Banks Deepen Relationships with 30 Million Customers Nationwide

Total Expert, creator of the leading marketing and customer-engagement platform for banks, lenders, and financial services, today announced its partnership with Alloy Labs, a consortium of community and mid-size banks across the United States. 

The partnership promotes technology innovation and problem-solving for community and mid-size banks as they work to connect with their customers across modern marketing channels. Alloy Labs members access best practices, vendor due diligence, exclusive webinars, and case studies as part of the partnership with Total Expert.

“Personalization is more than adding someone’s name to an email. Amazon and Netflix set the bar on personalization based on rich data. Banks need to deliver even more because of the role we play in our customers’ lives,” said Laura Wiegert, SVP of Marketing at Investors Community Bank. “We strive for a 360 degree view of our customers that includes internal and external data. Total Expert is the platform that helps us develop insights that allow us to really partner with our customers, not just deliver product recommendations.”

“Total Expert augments the personal service our team delivers,” added Frank Binetti, President of Inland Home Mortgage, a subsidiary of Alloy Labs founding member Inland Bank and Trust. “Our team focuses on the value only they can provide while the system manages and automates the interactions.”  

“With more than 125 enterprise customers, we pride ourselves on helping financial institutions leverage technology to grow meaningful relationships with their customers,” said Jeff Walton, President of Total Expert. “Through our partnership with Alloy Labs, we’re excited to accelerate the pace of innovation in the space.”

Since creating the first enterprise-grade experience platform for modern-day financial services, Total Expert has empowered the industry with data-intelligent customer engagement. Its partnership with Alloy Labs helps community and mid-size banks level the playing field and capitalize on their strengths as prominent local institutions.

“Community and mid-size banks need to combine their unparalleled connection to their communities with technology that unlocks even deeper customer relationships,” said Santo Cannone, Strategic Advisor to Alloy Labs. “We know Total Expert will help them do that, and we’re excited to see how they help our members leverage their innovation capacity.”

As Alloy Labs facilitates knowledge sharing between its member institutions, Total Expert listens and responds, ensuring its technology solves the modern marketing pain points of community and mid-size banks. In this way, Alloy Labs member institutions have a voice in influencing the evolution of the Total Expert platform and shaping the future of customer communication and engagement.

Every good partnership is a two-way street. As Total Expert shares its industry knowledge and technological insight with our members, they’ll respond with important assessment and commentary around their customer engagement needs” said Jason Henrichs, CEO of Alloy Labs. “The result is dynamic, innovative technology that empowers the community and mid-size banks of today and tomorrow.”


Total Expert is a fintech software company that built the first experience platform purpose-built for the modern financial institution. The platform enables sales and marketing teams to leverage data to seamlessly deliver products and services relevant to each customer based on their financial goals. Total Expert focuses on the unique compliance needs of financial services organizations that must integrate industry-specific data and applications to deliver a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. For more information visit


Alloy Labs is a member-driven shared innovation lab that helps banks innovate effectively and efficiently to reduce risks, lower costs, and shorten the time between ideas and results. Alloy Labs leverages the network effects of more than 40 institutions working together to share information, develop proprietary insights, develop partnerships and benchmark Return on Investment. Alloy Labs also operates The Concept Lab, a reverse accelerator that helps banks cement relationships with startups accepted into the program, and a Strategic Investment Group that invests in startup partners.