HousingWire Announces the 2021 Women of Influence

Today, HousingWire announced the winners of its annual Women of Influence award honoring 100 women shaping and propelling the mortgage, real estate and fintech industries forward. This year marks the 11th year of this award being recognized, with nominations growing and becoming more competitive every year.

The Women of Influence are selected by HousingWire’s Selection Committee based on their professional achievements within their organizations, but contributions to the overall industry, community outreach, client impact and personal success also factor into the committee’s decision.

“Another way to describe our Women of Influence honorees this year would be the women who are making an impact, which is something we saw woven into each of these amazing award winners,” Brena Nath, HW+ managing editor, said. “Congratulations to these women who are cultivating a new path forward for the housing industry and reimagining a better, more collaborative future.”

Many of this year’s winners mentor other women in the industry. Others coordinate volunteer programs for their employees or serve on advisory boards that inform the industry. All making a huge difference in their communities. These women are instrumental in paving the way for other women to also succeed in the housing industry.

“The winners of the Women of Influence award are truly remarkable! The contribution of these incredibly accomplished leaders to our industry is hard to overstate,” HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “We’re excited to honor them and shine a spotlight on their achievements.”

The 2021 Women of Influence list:

Abbie Tidmore
Adrienne Goolsby
Angela Dunham
Ashley Smith
Bernadette Kogler
Briana Ings
Carrie Gusmus
Cassandra Alvis
Cheri Lines
Cheryl Marchant
Chris Lagerblade
Chrissi Rhea
Chrissy Zotzmann Brown
Christina Pham
Christy Schwartz
Courtney Poulos
Cristy Ward
Daniella Casseres
Debora Aydelotte
Elly Cummings
Emily Riley
Erika Franks
Fee Gentry
Gitanjali Singh
Gretchen Pearson
Heather Moldovan
Hilary Saunders
Jan Davis
Jane Mason
Jennifer Wollmann
Jesse Decker
Jessica Lautz
Jessica Rosillo
Joni Pilgrim

Josephine Umana
Julia Curan
Kamini Lane
Katharine Loveland
Katie Johnson
Katie Sweeney
Kim Wolcott
Kisha Weir
Kristie Wolford
Laura Brandao
Laura Martell
Laura Rittenberg
Lesley Alli
Linda Case
Lindsey Johnson
Lorig Armenian
Lusharn Heastie
Lynley VanSingel
Lynn Sheck
Marianne Mainardi
Marisa Calderon
Mary Anne Ahmer
Mary O’Donnell
Maylin Casanueva
Michele Sims
Natalie Koonce
Nicole Booth
Pam Perry
Patti Cook
Patty Arvielo
Patty La Giglia
Priya Seenath
Qingqing Ouyang
Rainy Hake Austin

Rebecca Blabolil
Rebecca McDonald
Sandra Jarish
Sarah Edelman
Sarah Pierce
Sharon DeCastro
Sheila Klostermann
Sherry Chris
Sherry Samuels
Shirley Bankers
Sonya Luechauer
Sophie Kim
Stacey Onnen
Stephanie Brower
Stephenie Flood
Sue Baker
Sue Melnick
Sue Woodard
Suha Zehl
Susan Roy
Tammy Turner
Tamra Rieger
Tanja Cleve
Tara Smith
Taylor Castranova
Tess Leighton
Tracy Berger
Twyla Hankins
Tyler Lee
Vanessa Famulener
Wendy Fowler
Wendy Purvey


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