How to Build and Sustain Member Engagement

Total Expert Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard was featured in CU Management to discuss three steps credit unions can take to enhance their member experience.

Understanding, partnering and celebrating—at scale—are key to building and sustaining member engagement.

Having high-quality products and services is no longer a competitive advantage for credit unions—it’s an expectation. The critical differentiator in building lifelong relationships with your members is how well you understand, guide, and encourage them on their financial and life journeys. The good news is that creating meaningful relationships with your members is a lot like building any other relationship: It’s based on understanding, partnering, and celebrating.

The challenge for credit unions lies in building such relationships at scale. How can you make sure each and every one of your hundreds or thousands of members feels that you understand them, partner with, and educate them to help meet their unique needs, and celebrate their successes?

Your organization can follow these three steps to build a scalable member engagement strategy that drives lifetime relationships.

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