Uncovering Opportunity in Any Market: How One Lender Added $141M to Their Bottom Line

See how Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC added $141M to their bottom line by uncovering the ripe opportunities hiding in their database.

Thanks to record-high interest rates and significantly fewer originations, last year’s fourth quarter was the worst one we’ve seen in 20 years of lending. Yet some lenders actually beat the odds in a big way during that same time.

So, how’d they do it?

By uncovering and then closing the opportunities hiding in their own databases.

Unfortunately, on average, lenders lose 77% of their past customers AND fail to convert into closed revenue a full third of their qualified leads. Without the right tools in place, deals simply slip through the cracks.

That’s where Total Expert Customer Intelligence comes into play.

Take Total Expert customer Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC. Despite the economic challenges of the last two quarters, Prosperity closed an additional $141 million in loans during those six months.  

Another customer—a top 10 national lender—closed 82 additional loans during that same timeframe and added nearly $24 million more revenue to its income statement by leveraging the power of Customer Intelligence in just one of its branches.

All of it—100% of that revenue for both lenders—came from opportunities they may never have known about if they hadn’t been using Customer Intelligence.

Let’s look again at Prosperity. Without Customer Intelligence, Prosperity may never have learned about the:

  • 8,247 borrowers whose credit was pulled
  • 11,817 borrowers who listed properties for sale
  • 7,840 borrowers whose estimated equity grew to the point where they became ideal candidates for HELOCs

These 27,904 opportunities represented Prosperity borrowers who had current, unmet lending needs—and they may have gone completely untouched by Prosperity if not for Customer Intelligence.

Confirms Prosperity Brand Ambassador Jelaire Grillo, “We’ve been able to leverage the [Total Expert Customer Intelligence] platform to create business for our loan officers that may have otherwise been missed. This solution allows us to gain insights on our borrowers in a way that we would never have been able to achieve organically.”

The potential is so great, we have yet to meet a Customer Intelligence customer who realizes anything less than astounding business results from it.

In fact, it’s safe to say Customer Intelligence is a must-have tool that can make real, tangible differences to lenders scrambling for each and every business opportunity in today’s lean times. And do it very, VERY quickly.

With Customer Intelligence, for instance, you can:

  • Generate, on average, 250 more loans per year for every 10,000 contacts in your database
  • Close on average, 20% more loans overall
  • Discover, within just days, previously unknown revenue opportunities (Prosperity, for example, uncovered in its first two weeks 1,200 new opportunities within its database—many being borrowers with whom Prosperity loan officers hadn’t engaged for years)
  • Enjoy an all-in-one solution with a predictable, cost-effective pricing model

Total Expert makes Customer Intelligence accessible and relevant to any-size lender because of the unique way we marry borrower intent with intelligent automation:

  • Real-time insights capture important signals that a borrower has an unmet need (e.g., credit pulls, listing alerts, equity alerts, and interest rate alerts)
  • Comprehensive financial profiles for all customers combine real-time insights with a borrower’s information, engagement history, transaction history, and preferences
  • Intelligent automation delivers the next-best action for each customer through intelligent, automated Journeys based on borrower insights

It’s how we track and optimize the customer journey, from insight to funded loan.

It’s how we create deal flow.

And it’s how we drive more deals for loan officers than anyone else.

Coming soon—our new “CI Spotlight” blog series where we’ll dive deeper into how Customer Intelligence works and how it helps real Total Expert customers drive millions of dollars of additional lending revenue.

Ready to find out firsthand what Customer Intelligence can do for you? Visit https://totalexpert.com/products/customer-intelligence/ to learn more.