Turning Customer Data Into Action

An effective CRM is the foundation of digital transformation for mortgage lenders—getting LOs and other teams all on the same system, centralizing customer data, and enabling everyone to work from a single source of customer-centric truth. But data on its own doesn’t generate value, and just getting your customer data into a CRM like Salesforce won’t drive ROI. Here are three keys to turning customer data into action that drives business value: 

1. Data enrichment: integrating external data streams 

You’re up and running on Salesforce. You’ve done all the data aggregation and data hygiene steps to get a clean, centralized view of your internal customer and prospect data. But this internal data is just a glimpse of each customer’s unique and complex life outside of their interactions with your organization. LOs are hungry for more—they want broader visibility of customers’ behaviors, preferences, and needs. 

Broadening visibility inevitably requires looking beyond internal data, bringing in external data streams that offer relevant information on the mortgage buying journey. For example, by integrating the Total Expert solution with Salesforce through the Salesforce AppExchange, you can instantly plug in pre-identified data feeds that hold valuable insights: Equifax data to see when someone is home-shopping; MLS data to see that a prospect just listed their house for sale; or data from a prospect’s original loan schedule, so LOs can see that they’ve crossed an equity threshold that makes them a good candidate for a cash-out refinance or other refi opportunities. 

This kind of data enrichment takes your Salesforce customer profiles to the next level, giving LOs the 360-degree visibility they dream of and uncovering the opportunities they’re missing today. 

2. Data monitoring: extracting actionable insights 

Salesforce is great at aggregating data‚ and makes it incredibly easy to integrate external data feeds like those provided by Total Expert. But adding data only adds value if you’re monitoring it effectively. Salesforce also has solid analytics to alert on that data. The challenge is configuring those generic analytics tools and calibrating alerts to meet the specific needs and workflows of an LO and mortgage buying journey. 

Mortgage lenders can shortcut this customization process by plugging in pre-configured monitoring tools like those available through Total Expert for Salesforce. Total Expert comes ready with analytics and AI that already knows what it’s looking for in your customer data. For example, Total Expert sees the moment a customer pulls a credit check for a mortgage inquiry—and passes that insight back to you directly in Salesforce. 

Leveraging these pre-configured monitoring tools means mortgage lenders can quickly show LOs actionable customer intelligence they weren’t able to see before—tying that information directly into the Salesforce contact record and triggering Salesforce workflows. 

Data-driven workflows: insight-triggered action 

One of the biggest challenges financial institutions face once they’ve centralized their data and started uncovering insights is actually doing something with it. Many times, LOs face the dilemma of prioritizing leads and even then, how do they talk to the lead about the opportunity that’s been given to them? Fortunately, the integration with Salesforce provides organizations with more options and more tools to have meaningful engagements. 

Insights delivered from the Total Expert platform can automatically start a Salesforce workflow to give LOs a better handle on their next steps as they work a lead. Alternatively, the organization can leverage pre-configured, purpose-built workflows available from Total Expert that prioritize LO outreach with call scripts along with automated communication through additional channels including text and email.  

That’s all made possible through Total Expert’s intuitive data mapping, which makes it easy to tailor these workflows to specific data points—no developer support needed. Your Salesforce admin can set up workflows and configure the triggers with point-and-click functionality. 

Turning Salesforce into your LO growth engine 

The Salesforce platform offers virtually limitless potential. That’s what makes it so exciting—but also a little daunting. Lenders need to stay focused on building out use cases that transform customer data into insights that drive action—moving the customer forward on their journey. Every lender’s use cases and strategies will look a little different, but Total Expert can give any lender valuable shortcuts to realizing the full potential of their Salesforce implementation. Our purpose-built tools integrate seamlessly with Salesforce—bringing in complementary data streams to enrich your customer data, applying analytics to extract the customer intelligence your LOs crave, and activating that intelligence so it empowers your LOs to make personalized, relevant connections that drive trust, loyalty, and growth.