How Total Expert’s New Data Integrations and Insights Power the Customer Journey

As the world shifts into a post-pandemic mindset, digital engagements with financial services companies are expected to remain strong. However, facing current market conditions, lenders anticipate a purchase market where it will become increasingly important to capitalize on every loan application.

With that in mind, the latest Total Expert platform updates are focused on enhancing the integration ecosystem by helping users work smarter and stay connected with customers facing difficult market conditions. These include platform upgrades and new partnerships that build stronger connections to data, enhance lending teams’ ability to leverage consumer insights, and drive stronger engagement and loyalty. 

More Integration with Leads and Contacts Data  

If financial institutions want to move beyond transactional banking and lending, they must build comprehensive customer profiles to power more relevant and personalized customer communications. 

To enable this, Total Expert is introducing new and enhanced partnerships with third-party data integration, social marketing, lead conversion, and lending broker brands. The ability to access and leverage consumer data and sales inputs from systems including Salesforce, BankingBridge, and FreeRateUpdate provides lenders with a broader look at customer behavior.

The latest Total Expert platform updates include integrations with the following industry partners:  

  • Zapier: Zapier allows financial institutions to easily connect Total Expert to more than 4,000 third-party software platforms that are generating potential leads and consumer insights. The new feature automates the movement of lead and contact data from existing sources – including Zillow, Google, LendingTree, and more – directly into Total Expert. In doing so, this integration gives loan officers a singular database of potential new customers to target with automated, personalized campaigns.
  • BankingBridge: The latest integration with BankingBridge allows lenders to embed lending and rate calculators into landing pages and profiles to further customize the consumer experience and encourage action. By integrating with BankingBridge widgets like Mortgage Payment Calculators, contacts can seamlessly pass into the Total Expert platform. 
  • Denim Social: Denim Social creates compelling, personal landing pages that give consumers detailed information on lending services and integrate with social media lead generation campaigns. After a lead is captured on the Denim Social landing page, the contact passes into the Total Expert platform. Join the upcoming webinar on May 24 to learn more about this integration.  
  • Consumers are continuously seeking current details about rates. The new integration allows completed consumer data to pass from forms into the Total Expert platform. 
  • Salesforce: Drive customer loyalty and build a better customer journey for borrowers by combining the strengths of two platforms into one. The Salesforce integration now has support for the leads object, as well as email unsubscribe and syncing of groups. 

Expanded CRM Capabilities  

A CRM built for the specific needs of banks has the potential to provide truly unique value for customers. That’s why Total Expert continues to expand upon the existing CRM functionality to enhance its capabilities for banks. 

The newest features include the ability for users to have global contact search and visibility. Users can now search for any contact in the database, view any contact record, and modify contact records as needed. 

Additionally, the latest release of upgrades offers an improved interface for administrator-level users. Organization administrators can now view and create organization-level participant roles on loans and products, further simplifying the user journey. 

Additional Featured Product Enhancements 

When it comes to a convenient, intuitive user experience, it’s essential to perfect the smaller details. Some of the latest enhancements to Total Expert’s platform include:

  • A new Journey Creator that provides customers with access to split test events. These can be leveraged to determine the best channel, cadence, or communication by randomizing contact distribution among child events. 
  • New call queue efficiencies can customize call queues with the data fields that are most important for loan officers, providing an improved lead management experience for users. 
  • With a new data connector feature, customers can push data from the Total Expert platform to a variety of sources through various formats, helping to keep data in sync and trigger external workflows. 

Through these latest features and enhancements, lenders will have the ability to better access and leverage sales inputs and consumer data, offering a broader view of customer behavior to optimize and fill the pipeline. For the latest information on current and upcoming Total Expert releases, visit