Total Expert Joins AWS Marketplace: Simple Access, Faster Deployment, and Optimized Tech Spend

The huge number of financial services companies already running on AWS now have an even more efficient path to quickly and easily adding a purpose-built Total Expert solution to their AWS stack. Total Expert has teamed up with AWS to enable customers and prospects to purchase the Total Expert customer engagement platform directly through the AWS Marketplace. 

Accessing Total Expert through AWS Marketplace offers several immediate benefits: 

Use committed AWS budget on Total Expert—and reduce overall tech spend 

Customers and prospects already running on AWS can easily find the Total Expert platform on the centralized AWS Marketplace. Organizations can leverage their committed AWS budget to procure Total Expert solutions—making budget approvals much simpler and eliminating the need to spin up an additional cloud instance to support Total Expert. 

Cost savings through simplified procurement 

Centralized purchasing through existing AWS contracts streamlines the procurement process—including legal contract review, security and other due diligence—to deliver cost savings. Going forward, organizations can manage a single AWS invoice to simplify accounting and realize ongoing operational cost savings. 

Shorter onboarding and faster time to value 

Spinning up Total Expert solutions through AWS Marketplace not only streamlines the administrative aspects of deployment, but enables faster, easier deployment from a tech perspective. Total Expert can be deployed directly to an existing AWS instance. This significantly reduces implementation time and costs, speeding onboarding time and enabling organizations to realize value sooner. 

Granular governance and compliance controls 

Leveraging Total Expert via AWS Marketplace enables organizations to take advantage of the full range of AWS controls to meet specific compliance and security requirements. For example, AWS Vendor Insights simplifies risk assessments by compiling necessary security and compliance information in a single, unified dashboard. 

Get Total Expert on AWS Marketplace 

To find Total Expert on the AWS Marketplace, go to