Total Expert for Salesforce: Integrating Purpose-Built Tools with a Horizontal Platform

Thousands of financial institutions leverage Salesforce as a pillar of their MarTech stack, using the CRM platform’s broad reach to capture all their customer data in one place. But one of the biggest challenges for horizontal tools like Salesforce, tools that serve a broad range of businesses, don’t always fulfill specific needs for teams in the field.

One example is mortgage originators who need to create additional deal flow. Total Expert, a sales and marketing platform that currently serves over 40,000 mortgage loan officers and powered 36% of mortgages in 2022, can fill that gap and is currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Total Expert for Salesforce provides them with access to pre-built, compliant content for print, email, and social media—allowing them to partner with real estate professionals and market together while easily splitting costs to comply with RESPA requirements and data enrichment that provides real-time customer insights.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the out-of-the-box features that benefit today’s mortgage loan officers, advisors, and agents who are trying to grow their book of business at a local level through the added scalability that digital channels provide.


Co-marketing tools expand your network

Loan officers can use Total Expert for Salesforce to better engage with real estate partners and provide incredible value to the partner relationship. Pre-built content such as rate flyers, single-property websites, email, and social media posts allows partners to market together quickly and easily with the confidence that materials all include the required disclosures. Lenders also have access to an easy-to-use RESPA dashboard to streamline the process of dividing costs.


A full content library gets you to market faster

Total Expert for Salesforce includes ready-to-use templates that organizations can easily customize to create their own branded materials—dynamically including a lender’s photo and contact information. Once established, the content library expedites ongoing access and maintenance of compliance-approved materials to ensure you get your message to market as quickly as possible.


Customer Intelligence to increase pipeline and retention

Built-in intelligent alerts help financial institutions identify more qualified opportunities with previous customers faster than ever before. Whether they pass an equity threshold, list their home on the market, or have their credit pulled by another lender, these can be instantly elevated into existing Salesforce workflows—via Total Expert’s Customer Intelligence solution—to retain more customers and increase loan production.


Intelligent automation increases engagement

Total Expert for Salesforce helps streamline the loan process from lead nurture and application to close and retention with intelligent automation. By bringing together the right combination of data, insights, and action, users are empowered to deliver customer journeys that ultimately increase the possibilities between their organizations and their customers.


Industry-specific tools encourage platform adoption

If specific lines of business are not finding value from a horizontal platform, adding purpose-built tools that are important to that line of business can get them engaged. The Total Expert platform has seen the adoption of their technology as high as 90% by loan officers. The value of integrating a sales and marketing toolbox designed specifically for them into Salesforce will not only get them engaged but further validate the investment into your tech stack.


No code configuration means avoiding excessive tech delays and additional investments

Put purpose-built tools at your fingertips without the custom development hassle. Total Expert for Salesforce makes it easy to get the most out of your customer data and insights. The plug-and-play add-on comes with a free, guided installation wizard so even non-technical users can complete the configuration process and facilitate complete control over data sharing and integration access.

Total Expert for Salesforce can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange. To learn more, visit: and/or the Salesforce AppExchange