Total Expert & Capacity Bring AI-Powered Productivity to Financial Institutions  

As the financial services industry becomes more competitive—and consumer expectations for financial institutions increase—it’s vital for modern banks, credit unions, and lenders to leverage the latest technologies if they want to deliver the best possible experience for every customer or member. 

That’s why Total Expert has partnered with Capacity to provide financial institutions with an AI-powered support platform that makes their teams more productive, efficient, and effective.  

We sat down with Capacity CRO Tim Yeadon to talk about what makes the Total Expert + Capacity partnership so unique. 

What makes Capacity so vital to financial institutions right now? What challenges are you helping them solve? 

Many financial institutions are increasingly being asked to do more with less. For customer-facing teams, that means driving new revenue with fewer marketing resources and smaller budgets. For operations teams, that means delivering the same level of service with fewer support staff and evolving regulatory demands. By partnering with Total Expert, Capacity can drive greater efficiency and automation for FIs so they can keep internal costs low while still providing great support to their customers and members. 

What does the future of AI look like in the financial services industry? Are there any anticipated trends we should be on the lookout for?  

AI will continue to streamline workflows and reduce the time it takes for financial services professionals to do what they do best. By automating the most time-consuming administrative tasks, AI helps employees organization-wide be more productive and effective at their jobs.  

For example, financial institutions are already using AI to perform mortgage application reviews, conduct guideline searches, make banking product recommendations, and facilitate QA reviews. Generative AI is also revolutionizing customer communications by delivering timely, accurate, context-aware guidance and support in a fraction of the standard time. 

What should financial institutions be mindful of when it comes to security and compliance? 

Do your homework and read the terms of service and privacy policy. Specifically, look for how any vendor handles data security and data ownership to ensure your partners are compliant with industry regulations. But also, be sure to educate yourself on the topic so you can better understand compliance standards and make sure your vendors will help protect your business and your customers/members. 

For example, Total Expert partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all data in U.S.-based data centers that feature 24/7 physical security and SOC2 and ISO certifications—the industry’s leading digital security standards. 

Why did Capacity partner with Total Expert? 

Because our joint customers were so vocal about it! So many Capacity customers are also Total Expert customers, so it just made sense for us to work more closely with one another.  

By making our partnership official, it’s easier than ever for customers to retrieve and update data in Total Expert from a variety of messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Data from Total Expert can also be incorporated into Capacity workflows, guided conversations, and analytics—all while remaining SOC2 compliant to meet industry data privacy standards. 

To top it off, Total Expert and Capacity have a shared vision around the power and value of harnessing data and using it to deliver better experiences and outcomes for customers. So, it’s a win-win-win situation for both companies and our customers.  

What differentiates the Total Expert + Capacity partnership in the FinTech space? 

Everything about our partnership sets us apart. There isn’t another solution on the market that seamlessly combines AI, intelligent automation, and customer engagement capabilities for financial institutions like we do.  

By utilizing our AI systems to quickly source the right content and capabilities within Total Expert, relationship managers, field marketers, and teams across the organization become exponentially more productive. They’re able to do their jobs faster and without the headaches and hassles of digging through their database, systems, or content library to find what they need. In turn, that provides a better customer experience because answers and information are available almost instantly. AI helps double down on productivity while lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency. 

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