Top 3 Takeaways from Accelerate 2022

Earlier this month, we hosted Accelerate 2022, our annual global customer conference that brings together customers, partners, and technology alliances for three days of innovation, learning, and networking. This year’s highly anticipated event was hosted in Nashville, Tennessee, and focused on amplifying the customer experience with growth best practices as market conditions continue to cause uncertainty. The content and conversations shared from the most prominent leaders in modern lending and banking was not only enlightening – it was inspiring.

In case you missed the big event this year, we’ve compiled highlights from Accelerate to let you in on what was covered. Here are the top three takeaways from Accelerate 2022:

When the going gets tough, winners step up.

Financial headlines make it seem as though the sky is falling. Everyone in the industry knows inflation is high and rates are rising. But we wanted to talk with financial leaders about the potential opportunities that a tumultuous market can provide.

One of the key takeaways: Invest in future growth. As rates rise, uncertainty follows. Financial leaders tend to be hesitant to invest in technology as the unknown looms. But it’s important to remember that investing in technology can unlock new strategies like expanding the services or product portfolio. In order to succeed in the long term, winning financial teams must make hard decisions today. Because investing in technology in a downturn market can lead to an exponential payoff over the long term.

Remember the quote: “your purchase customers today will be your refinance customers when the market rebounds.” Thinking about current and future customers makes it clear—equipping your team with the right digital tools ensures they can be proactive, rather than reactive, once things turn around. Optimism can be rare in today’s market; but it was infectious at Accelerate.

The company you keep matters.

Accelerate brought together 300+ financial industry individuals with diverse experience. It’s no surprise that with that much brain power in one room, attendees left with their notebooks filled with actionable insight. Lenders were able to share their successful experiences through implementing Total Expert’s proven growth strategies. From how to recruit loan officers to how to optimize cross-selling to using real-time data to identify milestones in the customer journey, they were able to go beyond headlines and into the nitty-gritty details.

Leaders from Total Expert and partner organizations sat down and addressed specific challenges facing banks, credit unions, and lending teams. The event proved how important it was for this group to get together, as staying connected allows for shared success and best practices during a time where capitalizing on every lead is critical.

Innovation can come from unconventional thinking.

Known for its music scene, Nashville is filled with creativity and passion. Accelerate attendees had the opportunity to listen to musicians and hear their perspectives on how lessons learned from songwriting can translate to any challenge. They listened to the Tennessee Titans Drum Core perform at the start of the conference and closed it out with some of Nashville’s most prominent songwriters: The Warren Brothers and Sarah Buxton.

After a performance from the artists, attendees learned about the importance of collaboration, knowing their audience, and taking the right steps to meet goals even when desired results don’t come immediately. This couldn’t have been timelier as industry leaders look for new and unique strategies to address industry hurdles. Adding a music lens to the event helped us get outside of our comfort zones and think about problem-solving in a new way. We can’t wait to apply these learnings to our everyday jobs! 

Looking ahead to next year.

As uncertainty continues, Accelerate 2022 attendees are more equipped with the tools and strategies that enable them to grow, engage with customers, and evolve with the market. While we are still looking at our notebooks and photos from this year’s event, we already have so much inspiration for next year. Be on the lookout for registration opening soon and join us June 11-15, 2023, at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in Coronado, CA.

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