Guide: The New Competitive Differentiator in Wholesale-Broker Relationships

Become Brokers’ Partner of Choice with Technology Made to Create Borrowers for Life

The wholesale mortgage industry is on the cusp of a new competitive value offering for brokers. With retail lenders utilizing borrower data and insights to drive massive increases in retention, brokers now need wholesale partners that will support them in the race to serve borrower needs. The first wholesalers to utilize technology to drive customer-for-life relationships between brokers and borrowers will reap the rewards of more originations – both from current partner brokers, and from new ones.

Brokers face the same financial pressures in today’s market as do retail lenders. Squeezed by margin compression, they need a way to find every possible loan opportunity offered by their customer base. While refinance activity has returned for a time, brokers will soon shift back to their bread-and-butter business: purchase loans. As they shift, retaining business will become their first priority.

Wholesaler lenders have the opportunity now to be the hero. They can solve brokers’ retention challenges with customer-for-life technology. The value of the partnership will go straight to brokers’ bottom line by supporting origination volume and ultimately their profitability.  

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