Real Life Resources for Mortgage Companies and MLOs

Providing a top-performing mortgage CRM filled with relevant marketing campaigns and print collateral that functions as a system of record for compliance requires ongoing research into best practices. We meet, work and visit with the top mortgage companies and loan officers every day. We use our findings to enhance our product, and help our clients stay ahead of technology trends and succeed at a time when new, disruptive business models are constantly emerging. We partner with industry experts on webinars and live presentations to arm lenders and MLOs with great resources on a regular basis. We also produce two podcasts: Expert Strategies and Expert Actions.  Here are the types of challenges the two shows address: 

Expert Strategies:  Reactive or Proactive?

How much insight can you get in 20 minutes or less? Quite a bit. Consider this question: How would you characterize your company’s approach to sales growth? Is there a constant line of questioning about past and current production, or is there an ongoing dialogue around optimizing company resources, value proposition and strategy? In other words, are you reactive or proactive? 

The main goal for every company and MLO is profit, so it’s important that management and producers don’t diverge from the path to get there. One thing today’s most successful companies have in common is cohesion. The best example of this in action is companies that set their MLOs up to do what they do best and provide infrastructure, automation, tools and support people to handle the aspects of production that aren’t the best use of an MLO’s time. This frees up MLOs to develop, expand and nurture purchase business.

Expert Actions:  Maintaining Traction

This feature is all about momentum – in two minutes or less. Most managers and MLOs agree that the beginning of each month, week, even each day, can feel like starting from scratch for sales people. Traditional sales training produces mixed participation and results, while continuing education for licensing and other aspects of the business doesn’t energize people and help them push through the inevitable challenges producers face.  

Motivated MLOs often just need reinforcements and reminders to help them stay on track with what they probably already know they should be doing – like time blocking. Even the busiest MLOs can take a minute or two to raise motivation, level of service and performance. Expert Actions can help: We’ve got a library of Expert Actions to help you get started, reboot or step up – and we’re always adding to it.   

Taking it to the next level: There is no magic pill

It’s typical for sales people of all kinds to get distracted by the latest shiny object that promises to let them work smarter (not harder) and grow their pipeline. MLOs and Realtors are no exception. Anyone who’s been in the business for a few years can probably recall one – or several – “next big things” they bought that they never used or that didn’t live up to the hype.

At Total Expert, we know that success in mortgage and real estate requires discipline, a strong brand, absolute authenticity and accepting the fact that there is “no magic pill.” A great mortgage CRM with relevant, engaging content can absolutely make you more efficient and productive, but it’s best used in conjunction with solid, business basics. Our podcasts offer cutting-edge insight and provide practical applications to help companies and producers make it to the next level.