Post. Share. Like. Monitor. Repeat.

Odds are that when your marketing administrators started their career at your company they didn’t realize that a degree in social media for financial services would be needed. Well, it turns out a large part of creating a successful business today is staying current – and active – on the constantly changing landscape of media and social communication (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

And now, in addition to “building better customer experiences” for those in need of financial services or a new home, your marketing team is required to be hands-on in the management of your organization’s social media accounts. That means being shrewd and routinely posting relevant and interesting information about open houses, industry articles, loan services, etc., as well as staying engaged by responding in a timely manner to messages, comments and inquiries at all hours of the day and night. Sound familiar?

Well, the good news is that as social media platforms continue to solidify their place in today’s modern banking and mortgage lending marketing mix, the content scheduling and reporting are getting easier to access through your Total Expert marketing admin tools. This means marketing administrators and software users have more opportunity to reach people with tailored messages from your content library, as well as manage the personal voice of users under enterprise-level brand control.

The Extraordinary Reach of Social Media

Today, more than 2 billion users worldwide have Facebook accounts, giving your company the ability to share community events, school news, or even hot property listings and low loan rates. Empower your team to position themselves as community leaders and grow trusted relationships with future customers. Twitter gives users a way to build a community network and connect with other industry partners, as well as drive current and potential leads and prospects.

Total Expert is Here to Help

Understanding how your message is being received and the ROI (of both time and money) is key to your marketing strategy and engagement KPIs. Within the Total Expert interface, marketing administrators can schedule content posts to social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as view impressions right from a dashboard at login. Ranked reporting of your social content will help even a novice social media marketer drive new leads and likes for your business. And leveraging existing content from your custom-branded library of media images and messages ensures your team will be the total expert in social media!