[Nasdaq] Embracing Agility: Case for Shifting Banking Focus to Quarterly Projects During Budget Season

Total Expert’s General Manager of Banking James White contributed another article for Nasdaq to help banks and credit unions shift how they think about driving growth and achieving stability. As both the financial services landscape and consumer expectations evolve, the key to long-term success lies in strategic short-term planning.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Speed-to-Market Unlocks Competitive Advantage & Growth in Today’s Financial World 

The smart play has always been to put your effort and resources behind long-term projects: Steady efforts to build complex solutions to stable goals. Long-term projects facilitate clear strategic planning and confident stakeholder alignment toward infrastructure development. Yet, the rapid advancement of technology and customer expectations has rendered the prolonged timelines of these projects a liability. According to McKinsey, speed (or lack thereof) is a primary reason that a staggering 70% of banks’ digital transformation efforts ultimately fail.”

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