Meet Total Expert’s Inaugural Expy Award Winners!

It’s been an amazing week here at Total Expert’s 2021 Accelerate customer conference. Nearly 300 customers, partners, and financial industry thought leaders convened in Scottsdale, Ariz. to discuss innovative and effective ways to drive growth, earn customer loyalty, and translate data into action.

Our 2021 Accelerate is the first customer conference we’ve been able to host in-person in nearly two years. That’s something to celebrate. And that’s one of the big reasons why we decided to launch at this year’s conference a new, annual awards program we’ve affectionately named the Expy Awards!

We designed the Expys to recognize high-performing financial institutions using Total Expert to achieve customer-experience excellence by unlocking data-driven insights, building authentic connections, and delivering meaningful experiences that make an impact. We’re thrilled to introduce our inaugural Expy winners, whose ingenuity, innovation, and relentless customer focus are truly impressive.

Here they are.

The Adopter — CIVIC Financial Services

Without universal adoption, even the most innovative technology lies dormant and uninspired. This year’s winner for “The Adopter” Expy — CIVIC Financial Services — drove 94% of its internal target audience to adopt Total Expert by delivering creative content across print, email, and social media. Total Expert is such a hit, “CIVIC’s Sales Team would literally mutiny if we took away Total Expert,” says the award nominator.

The Automator — PrimeLending

By transforming manual processes into automated machines, financial services organizations can create unique, meaningful experiences for their customers effortlessly — and at scale. PrimeLending took home “The Automator” Expy for 2021 for offering the most comprehensive suite of fully automatic Journeys which are used by virtually all its loan officers. According to the nominator, “… [Total Expert-powered] automation will continue to be an essential resource for the field and an integral part of evolving alongside consumers.”

The Modernizer — Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

By taking innovation to a different level, financial institutions can usher in a new era of customer experiences. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group won 2021’s “The Modernizer” Expy by developing and launching an “Intraloan Journey” that automatically sends instant email updates to borrowers and agents as their files move through the mortgage loan process — a program that boasts an average email open rate of 86%. “Borrowers love feeling connected and informed throughout the loan process, and the mortgage bankers are thrilled with how these Journeys boost their business and give them the tools to grow,” says the Atlantic Bay nominator.

The Technology Trailblazer — Horicon Bank

Marked by early adopters with a clear mission to drive meaningful change, trailblazers spearhead the future of customer engagement. Our 2021 “The Technology Trailblazer” winner Horicon Bank maintained the community feel of its multi-channel communication while developing a deep understanding of customer needs. According to the nominator, “Our teams are excited about the benefits that Total Expert brings to the table as our next phase of innovation for customer engagement.”

The Journey Wiz

While Total Expert makes it easy for anyone to create customized Journeys, these three professionals earned a 2021 “The Journey Wiz” Expy by mastering the craft and demonstrating a knack for automating complex processes and multistep decisions.

Congratulations to all our 2021 Total Expert Expy winners!