Intercap Lending Strengthens Customer Relationships with Purpose-Built Automation

Mike Anderson, chief marketing officer at Intercap Lending, said it best: “In our business, it’s mostly about relationships–it’s not about tech. But the technology enhances that ability to keep in touch with those people that we’re trying to bring value to.”

The Utah-based lender, who views loan officers as their first customer, knew manual communications to their nationwide customers wouldn’t deliver an experience up to their standards. One that left customers feeling valued and confident in their decision to navigate life’s biggest decisions.

They sought a technology partner to equip loan officers to nurture relationships and build lifelong connections, leading them to Total Expert. Coming from a company that lacked this type of technology, System Marketing Manager Kyle Clark described Total Expert as a “deal maker.” He added that because Total Expert was built for financial services, it’s “plug and play” with the ability to “adapt and customize.” 

“In the past, a lot of our marketing was blasting information out to a bunch of people and hoping that this small percentage would respond to it. And honestly, that’s the worst way to communicate with people that you care about,” continued Anderson. “For us, technology is about providing the right message at the right time to the right person.”

Hear more from Intercap Lending in this video, where they share their experience with a purpose-built solution, the impact on their loan officers, and how it led them to generate over $95 million in loan volume in six months.