How to Identify Company Challenges and Solutions

Every business faces challenges at one point or another. It happens, and it’s only natural. Entire industries face issues. The real estate and mortgage industries aren’t exceptions either.

It’s just a part of the game, and so is overcoming those challenges.

Your Sales Team

We’ve identified pain points in different departments of a real estate or mortgage business. Of course, the pain points are all different because each department has different needs. Let’s get started.

The sales team finds their value to referral partners isn’t where it should be, or, it isn’t where you want it to be.

Finding a severe lack of transparency in communication, deals and more is a part of what can hurt that value.

But, unclear communication doesn’t always happen because your co-workers want to keep you out of the loop. Sometimes it’s because the organization divided its workflows and creation processes into a dozen parts.

When you begin adding these pain points up — this is just for the sales team — you’re facing more than just lost time. You could be hurting your potential to recruit top talent. If you want to keep up in these industries, or any industry, top-producers are a must.

Your Marketing Team

Designers in the real estate and mortgage industries must think about more than just coordinating colors. They’re thinking about industry regulations.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) monitors how companies work together closely. That’s a good thing. But, what can be stunting is the uncertainty in marketing service agreements (MSAs).

From a design point of view, strict statutes and regulations don’t always help the creative flow.

You can navigate those waters, though. What can be difficult is finding your stride. Some companies face issues with their messaging, mainly when it comes to consistency.

This happens often when the team is fragmented, which makes for longer project turnover and complicated workflows.

Your Compliance Team

Some of the frustration faced by the marketing department also carries over to the compliance professionals in the office — unfortunately.

Watching for potential violations or inaccuracies isn’t always easy. Compliance has to track everything, making sure the company is ready to face an audit if the time calls for it. Broken record keeping cannot happen.

That’s a hard task to complete when co-marketing projects flow in more and more as the company grows.

Then, those projects enter the final stages before landing inside a consumer’s mailbox or finding its way onto a search engine’s landing page.

If you find inaccuracies too late because of miscalculations, that could be bad news.

What We Do

We get it, fixing those problems are not as easy as snapping your fingers and, poof, it’s done.

Here in the real world, it takes a good amount of time to integrate a new workflow into the company. People must adopt the new system, process and all else.

The good news is that it’s really not that bad, not if you’re finding the right solutions.

For Your Sales Team

Being a valuable partner is important. It doesn’t matter if it’s to your local RealtorⓇ or highest producing loan officer.

We help you become that partner.

The Total Expert CRM ensures transparency for all leads brought in from co-marketing efforts. This gives you and your partner the ability to collaborate in real time so your clients receive the best possible service.

That’s going to be harder to do if you’ve split your time between 10 different programs. You should centralize your workflow and limit the number of logins you keep track of.

It’s going to be easier when it comes to keeping in contact with your clients, co-workers, and partners, but it’s also going to help you get the most out of your time and marketing spend.

And then, of course, you attract the big-name agents and lenders.

How? Because you’ve become more efficient than your competition. Companies with long workflows and processes can become stagnant, which diverts attention, instead of bringing it in.

Professionals, who want to grow, need a solution that saves them time, scales with their business, and meets all of their needs.

For Your Marketing Team

As you invite your co-marketing partners into the dashboard, you can start projects with peace of mind knowing they’re tracked.

It’s important to keep your main focus on creative strategies to help the business.  This gives you the chance to keep workflows moving forward at a comfortable rate.

You’re also given a top-down approach to design, approval and more to protect brand standards and compliance.

To help, the Total Expert dashboard features many powerful, automated functions, including generated flyers, postcards, and single property websites.

You’re more than welcome to continue designing your own material from scratch, but just know there is a full library of flyer and postcard templates, along with many mobile-friendly website themes for the taking.

For Your Compliance Team

Transparency is big with us.

It’s critical in a partnership because it helps the business continue without inaccuracies or misunderstandings.

The Total Expert software tracks the projects that are completed within the dashboard down to the pixel. And it’s done automatically.

When the marketing department completes a project and approves it, it’s sent off to compliance. Reports are generated automatically, showing exact pro rata shares.

The software tracks the project from start to finish, recounting every step.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, it’s about giving your client the best possible experience. Much of that is an online or a digital experience.

By implementing features, like single property websites, into your business, you increase the opportunities for clients to find you, engage with your brand, and start doing business with your company.

You can get there, but you need your entire organization on board. And, this is how you get there.