What Scares the Digital Banking VP at Horicon Bank? Losing the Customer Connection

Christian Ruppe, VP of Digital Banking at Horicon Bank, sees losing touch with customers as a risk to the bank as it grows. What’s he not worried about? That Total Expert will support customer connections.  

“The fun thing is that we’re growing,” Ruppe said. “The scary thing is that more growth means less person-to-person interaction. It’s harder to create relationships going from 1,000 people to 10,000 to 100,000 people.”  

While this is a common fear for community banks as they grow, Ruppe has it handled. “We want our customers to feel like we know who they are. That’s exactly what Total Expert can help us with.” 

Horicon Bank worked with Total Expert to customize its rollout plan for the platform’s customer onboarding functionality and initiatives to engage current customers. The bank is launching – one branch at a time – a 360-degree view of customers and ready-made marketing content during the next few months. Ruppe said that Total Expert will help the bank “show customers that we are relationship-focused. With the number of customers we have, it’s not always possible to talk to the same team member every time. But bank employees have a consistent view of customers. We can continue to create that relationship and keep it growing, without having to force our company to stay small.”  

In this video, Ruppe shares how Horicon Bank is handling their growth while maintaining customer relationships, and why finding a technology partner — one who intimately understands the banking industry — was a must.