Five Reasons Banks and Mortgage Lenders Use Our Marketing Operating System

The pace of innovation in the financial services industry continues to accelerate. Banks and mortgage lenders know that if you don’t keep up, you’ll see your market share shrink. But at the same time, margins are compressing, marketing and sales organizations are siloed, your technology stack is dated, you’re losing producers to competitors and every day you know you’re losing customer wallet share to competitors.

You can continue the rat race or you can take concrete steps to transform your marketing and sales efforts.  

According to a 2017 Netskope study, the average enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services.  

(We’ll let that sink in for a moment.) 

In all fairness, the group’s definition of “cloud services” encompasses a broad stack of solutions – many of them de facto technology in today’s digital landscape: Twitter, Dropbox and Skype all made the list. Even so, that is a dizzying array of tools and services your marketing and sales teams must learn, use and keep track of over the course of an average workday. 

And yet, industry leading banks and mortgage lenders including Guaranteed Rate and American Pacific Mortgage are choosing the Total Expert Marketing Operating System® (MOS). 


In today’s post, we’ll explore why industry leaders say they are choosing Total Expert as their strategic technology partner.

  1. Centralized Platform
    Whether they were juggling 91 technology solutions or six, many of our customers lacked a centralized system to manage their sales and marketing activities, solutions, branding and content. Today, their users can do more with their existing solutions in a single, centralized platform: The Total Expert Marketing Operating System.  The Total Expert MOS centralizes all marketing activities, allowing your salespeople to go to market and execute marketing activities more quickly. In addition, our open API allows for a plethora of integrations, making Total Expert the central hub for all your marketing and sales efforts.  

  2. Best-of-Breed Integrations & Partners
    Today’s technology landscape is optimized when you can assemble – and integrate – best-of-breed solutions. With the average enterprise using 91 marketing cloud services and given the pace of innovation, the set of software solutions you need today will evolve – as will the needs of your business.  The Total Expert MOS allows for best-of-breed technology solutions to be integrated, so you can use them in conjunction with each other instead of as separate and disjointed solutions. We integrate and partner with some of the best in the business – and this list will only continue to grow.

  3. Customers for Life
    Repeat customers are less expensive than new customers – five times less expensive according to Invesp. Similarly, they found that increasing customer retention by only five percent can increase a company’s profits by 25 to 95 percent.  Clearly, it pays to foster lifelong relationships with your customers. But, banks and mortgage lendersface an additional hurdle when it comes to nurturing their customers: They must empower their salespeople to build a strong personal brand within the enterprise. The Total Expert MOS empowers salespeople to build and reinforce their customer relationships over time by automating and seamlessly deploying their marketing and tracking each opportunity from lead to customer.  

  4. Compliant Co-Marketing
    The most successful bankers and loan officers don’t go it alone. They work to build strong referral relationships with strategic partners.

    Co-marketing enables salespeople to promote their services and increase speed-to-market. The Total Expert MOS eliminates regulatory concerns around co-branded promotional pieces and streamlines collaboration with its extensive library of modern marketing templates. “[The Total Expert co-marketing functionality] was a huge win for our loan officers (LOs) – and for me and the corporate office,” said Jelaire Grillo, Marketing Manager at Intercoastal Mortgage. “It was great to see we could give our LOs this capability, it could be compliant, and we’d no longer have to worry about them doing it on their own and us finding out about it two months later.” 

  5. First-Class Training and Support
    Many organizations seem to be in a perpetual state of either implementing or trying to get the most out of their technology solutions. Making sure you fully realize the value of your technology stack is critical to growing sales and powering your organization. 

    Launching new technology is only the beginning – especially with Total Expert. Our motto is “Move Fast and Innovate,” and we are laser-focused on the rapid innovation of our product to meet the ever-evolving needs of banks and lenders.  Many Software-as-a-Service companies focus only on the software piece, but forget the service. Not Total Expert. To ensure our customers are getting the most out of Total Expert, we provide multi-channel support through webinars, in-app guides, help centers, live chat, phone support, in-person training and a dedicated Customer Service Manager to ensure maximum adoption.

Hear Directly From a Total Expert Customer

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