Why Your Outreach Is Tied to Your Output: 3 Lessons on Boosting the Performance of Your Journeys

By Calvin Cook, Manager of Product Support, Motto Mortgage

Winner of Total Expert’s Journey Wiz Expy Award

While I’m the manager of product support at Motto Mortgage now, I was initially hired four years ago when we brought on Total Expert. In that time, Total Expert’s Journey Creator has helped us make the conversations between brokers, loan officers, and customers as seamless as possible so we can deepen connections and provide personalized outreach to our customers.

Here are three ways we’ve achieved that with Journeys.

1. Treat Journeys as Works in Progress

We use Total Expert’s monthly reporting, which serves as a launching point for our quarterly conversations on Journey performance.

Total Expert’s data gives us clear points to anchor our conversations, which always begin with the question “Where are the gaps?”

The goal of any Journey is to deliver timely, helpful messages to your customers. If a Journey isn’t consistently providing a way for LOs, brokers, or customers to reach each other, they aren’t being utilized to their full potential.

To create customers for life, it’s important you recognize that life changes quickly. Your customers are humans first. Let’s say a first-time homebuyer approaches you. They’re excited. But, after some conversations, you realize they need to build their credit.

You can help them do that with a Journey that guides them through the credit-building process. That builds trust and gives you an opportunity to provide them with a competitive loan once the time is right.

2. Deliver Messages at the Right Time in the Right Place

For us, reporting also illuminated the effectiveness of SMS. Initially, it wasn’t something we used. But the increase in customer responsiveness signaled SMS met a real need.

Now, we reach out to customers with various forms of communication. Each customer is different, but every customer is looking for help. 

A solid outreach strategy makes sure customers are receiving guidance in the right places. Don’t let the perfect message get lost because you failed to send it via your customer’s preferred channel.

3. Explore Your Platform

When you don’t take the time to understand your platform, you could be costing your LOs leads, hurting your customer service, and missing retention opportunities.

It’s not easy to try new things that might break your Journeys when you’ve put so much effort into building them. But achieving new levels of success hinges on your willingness to try new things.

One way we help minimize the impact of any errors is by regularly testing our Journeys. Total Expert makes an unprecedented level of automation and customization possible. We frequently use both features, so we review each of our Journeys and their triggers to make sure everything’s working properly.

There’s Always Room for Growth

With the housing market growing more competitive, the value of a positive customer experience could tip the scales in your favor. The first message you send to a customer sets the tone for any potential relationship, and every message after that builds the connection further.

A platform like Total Expert’s, which is constantly rolling out new capabilities, should inform the new ways you interact with your customers. 

Give yourself the best opportunity to make use of these updates by digging into the platform and understanding how they can shape your present and future outreach strategies. We have, and that’s why we’re so excited to build on the success we experienced in 2021. We know there’s more we can do.