Accelerate 2024 | MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Pre-Conference Training

Forge your future by signing up for pre-conference training at Accelerate 2024! With dedicated tracks for lending and banking, our industry experts and tech gurus will help your team sharpen their skills, wield new tools, craft stronger strategies, and fuel your long-term growth. Pre-conference training attendees are invited to our welcome dinner on Sunday evening, and courses will take place on Monday.


Sunday, June 23
6 p.m. – 8 p.m. | Welcome Dinner


Monday, June 24
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Pre-Conference Training

Your pre-conference training registration includes:

  • Welcome dinner on Sunday, June 23
  • 6 hours of industry-specific instruction
  • Opportunities to workshop in platform
  • Small class sizes, so space is limited
  • Refreshment breaks
  • Lunch

Pre-conference training tracks

Retail Mortgage Masterclass

Powerful Total Expert features like Journey automation, contact tools, notifications, and Customer Intelligence are effective ways to support your end users during all phases of the customer lifecycle—in any market. During this training, attendees will learn how to best drive engagement, provide the necessary tools and campaigns, and inspire pro-level usage of the Total Expert platform for themselves and loan officers! To prepare sales teams to react quickly to market changes and customer needs, attendees will have hands-on Journey workshopping time, learn pro-tips and best practices for contact management, and leave feeling refreshed, empowered, and ready to improve your end users’ experience with the platform.


Topics we’ll cover:

  • Build with Me: brand-new Expert Content Journeys 
  • Best practices for advanced journey components and use cases
  • Open forum discussion with other marketing leaders
  • In-depth look at the power of organization contact groups
  • Notifying end users of high-priority actions and outreach
  • Ongoing recommended action plan for marketers and loan officers

Banking Automation Bootcamp

Even at financial institutions with sophisticated automated marketing setups, consistent contact management, proactive messaging, and effective customer engagement will always be the differentiator in boosting wallet share. In this track, banking customers will get hands-on workshop time with brand new Expert Content Journeys and learn how to move your customers from one campaign to another ensuring they receive the right message at exactly the right time. By leveraging the wealth of data in the platform, attendees will know their brands are communicating effectively.



  • Build with Me: brand-new Expert Content Journeys

  • Data best practices

  • Organization-wide contact management strategy

  • Market-relevant discussion with other banking industry leaders

  • Ongoing recommended action plan for marketers

Pricing Details:

Conference Pass Conference Pass
+ Training
Standard pricing


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Join us at Accelerate for our pre-conference training!

Training Tracks

We recognize that all customers are in varying stages of their Total Expert journey. New this year, we are offering three unique tracks to accommodate all skill levels, use cases, and business lines.

Mortgage Accelerator (Sold Out!)

Expand your skills if your organization has been leveraging Total Expert for less than six months. Your focus is on expanding your campaign library and enhancing your current system setup and features. 

Mortgage Mastery (Sold Out!)

Designed for mortgage organizations that have been utilizing Total Expert for more than six months. Your seasoned marketing administrator’s priority is maximizing the value of their well-built platform.  

Banking Advancement

Exclusive for organizations using Total Expert to support their marketing automation and retail banking CRM use cases. You are eager to continue to diversify your campaign library and continue to advance your system setup.