Win More Business and Reclaim Valuable Selling Time with Focused View Feature

As a financial sales pro, you need to focus on the highest priorities and best use of your time. But after spending hours making call lists, hunting down previous call notes, switching screens to look up credit scores and customer history, and delegating tasks for follow-up, how much of your time is really spent on closing business?

That’s where Total Expert’s latest feature, Focused View can help.

Focused View is designed to give customer-facing teams their time back by displaying the best sales opportunities with all the information you need to make the most out of each call – all in one place. You can use it to maximize your selling time, have better customer conversations with more powerful outcomes, and see a significant boost in your sales numbers.

Here’s how it works:

Quickly and Easily Locate Top-Priority Leads

Focused View organizes contacts in sorted lists that prioritize the prospects most likely to buy right away. That way, you don’t have to spend time searching through your database and notes for leads to call or follow up with. Plus, you’ll no longer overlook great opportunities. They’re all front and center, ready for you to reach out as a trusted advisor.

“I’ve been using Focused View a lot, and it has helped me to identify several refinance opportunities I’d been missing. There are at least three loans in my pipeline as a result of using it.” – Focused View User 

Strategize Your Selling Time with Targeted, Customer-Centric Views

We’ve created filters to pinpoint and prioritize contacts based on what’s happening in your customer’s lives so you can better plan your workday and target more prospects with relevant, timely messaging.

Filters include refinancing opportunities, application status, credit change status, and other alerts and notifications within Total Expert or from the third-party integrations your company uses.

Each filter creates a different View, which refreshes every day to give you the most up-to-date information so you can reach out to the best opportunities at the right time.

Create Custom Views to Serve Your Unique Business Goals

Want to personalize a View to make it an even more powerful selling tool? You have the option to change any of the rules and outcomes used to create pre-built Views, as well as the sort order. You can also build a custom view from scratch, so your outreach always matches up with your key initiatives.

Get a Comprehensive View of the Customer at Your Fingertips

See everything you need to know before picking up the phone or firing off a text or email.

By expanding contacts in Focused View, you’ll have pertinent information like interaction history, personal information, and most recent transactions. You’ll also have Notes, Loan Data, and Tasks within a single click. All the information you need to reach out and have a meaningful conversation with a contact is contained in this single View.

Stay On Track and Organized with Notes & Follow-Up

When you’ve made contact, you can click the Notes & Follow-Up icon, which will give you a slide-out menu where you can select an Outcome for this interaction, leave a note, and add a task for further follow-up. That way, you always know your next step and can keep moving seamlessly through your list.

The Focused View Formula for Success

On average, sales pros who have used Focused View have seen a 9.6% lift in conversions from leads to applications. That translates to an increase of 2.5 loans per year per user.

Here’s a quick summary of best practices so you can start seeing impressive results:

  • Log into Total Expert and use Focused View every day to identify who to talk to, and to log activities and communications with your leads easily.
  • As needed, provide feedback to your Marketing Administrators to ensure they’re creating and maintaining the right organization-wide Views for you.
  • Be sure to select an outcome for each contact made or contact attempted, in order to help keep the Focused View automation running smoothly.
  • Keep detailed notes and tasks for each lead to ensure contact records are as updated as possible.
  • Create and assign tasks for any leads you need to follow-up with after each interaction.

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Want to learn more? Visit our Focused View page for more information.