U.S. Bank + Total Expert

As a co-marketer, you can gain immediate access to connect with a U.S. Bank mortgage loan officer on Total Expert’s marketing platform.

This complimentary toolset is designed to help co-marketers build stronger brands at the community level through co-branded print marketing, open house management, single property websites, and lead management built with a robust compliance platform.

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Branded print marketing

Quickly and easily deploy beautiful flyers, postcards, and brochures—then split print costs with lending partners to ensure compliance.

Single property websites

Attract and engage homebuyers with websites automatically generated from MLS listings and capture information with embedded forms.

Open house automation

Stay in front of homebuyers and drive closings through targeted, automated communications to open house registrants.

Lead management

Effectively build client relationships alongside your lending partners by managing your shared leads in one place.

Generate referrals

Generate referrals post-close with right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Track lead activity

Track lead activity to identify opportunities to market and deliver value to leads at critical moments of their home buying experience.

Differentiate your brand

Build your brand at a local level by delivering high-quality, MLS-integrated single-property websites and print marketing materials in only a few clicks. As homebuyers are waiting longer to engage an agent, differentiation happens at the point of sale—the home. Stand out from your competition with modern marketing material that brands you as an expert in your community.

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A powerful CRM

When it comes down to it, a CRM needs to do at least two things: organize your leads and automate communication. We have that covered, and then some. 

Through our CRM, you can send relevant messages, including tailored emails, set property alerts, notifications and more.

With these tools, you can focus on improving your conversion rates by bringing all your leads to one place, so you can quickly view and follow up with hot leads. And then, you can easily group cooler leads and put them on a drip campaign to keep your communication steady.

U.S. Bank is not affiliated with Total Expert. Agents are not required to work with a U.S. Bank mortgage loan officer to use Total Expert services.