MortgageOrb: Retail Lending vs. Direct: Leveraging Multiple Channels to Create Customers for Life

Total Expert Director of Technology Alliances Josh Lehr was featured in MortgageOrb’s Person Of The Week to shed light on the challenges and opportunities lenders face to reach consumers across multiple channels.

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Mortgage lenders have made great strides in delivering a seamless all-digital mortgage experience. Lender adoption of technology to facilitate a “contactless” mortgage process has rapidly accelerated due to the pandemic.

But just because a lender is successful in delivering a great, all-digital customer experience when originating a first mortgage via the direct channel, how does that stack up against the experience delivered by the same lender – such as a refinance or a home improvement loan – through a retail channel? 

As Josh Lehr, director of technology alliances at Total Expert, tells MortgageOrb, delivering a consistent, unified customer experience across all lending channels is eternally challenging. No matter what channel, he explains, lenders need to understand their potential borrowers.

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