55 Misunderstood Real Estate Shorthand Abbreviations

Real estate agents use an endless list of abbreviations to save time and space when describing their property listings. Not only is it simply easier to quickly type out “2/1” instead of “2 bedrooms / 1 bath,” it is necessary in some situations.

There are many reasons why shorthand abbreviation is useful, aside from just convenience. For instance, some multiple listing services (MLS) have a character count, limiting the amount of space given for property remarks. This leads to the usage of various real estate abbreviations similar to the one just mentioned.

However, this can be confusing, not only for consumers but for loan officers and marketing departments who might not be familiar with the specific industry terminology.

It is important when creating advertisements for listings, whether they are flyers, postcards or single property websites, that you never confuse the homebuyer. If a homebuyer doesn’t understand what’s included or which features the property has, it’s less likely that they’re going to explore the property further, costing you a sale. 

There are ways to avoid that scenario.

By further understanding the shorthand abbreviations that real estate agents use to create their property remarks, loan officers and marketing departments can create clean, easily understood copy that homebuyers will engage with, furthering your chances of attracting quality leads for your team.

The Total Expert team compiled a list of the 55 most misunderstood real estate shorthand abbreviations to help you build copy that homebuyers will have no problem understanding.