Total Expert Releases Advanced Social Media Features

Total Expert, a leading CRM, marketing, and co-marketing platform announced this week that it has released advanced social media features, which will allow enterprise customers to manage content and dynamically publish scheduled posts at the user level to major social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). With this most recent release, Total Expert now provides a marketing system of record for all print, digital, and social marketing materials.

 “Our customers are becoming increasingly focused on building authentic brands and driving engagement at the community level, which has created the need for a centralized platform. We have configured our platform to allow front line salespeople (e.g., mortgage loan officers) to publish content to their personal networks on the social channels of their choice,” said Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert.

“The social media tools include our signature compliance framework for proper tracking and brand control, and allow our customers to deploy social media across their individual accounts at a large scale,” added Brian Walerius, CTO of Total Expert.

“We are extremely excited about the pace at which we have been able to bring new features to our customers. The social media release is just one of the latest examples that exemplifies one of our core values—‘Move Fast and Innovate,’” added Welu.