Total Expert Now Helps Community Banks and Credit Unions Quickly Communicate in Crisis

New offering features rapid deployment to aid financial services organizations in need.

While “digital transformation” is a buzzword of the past, the recent COVID-19 pandemic and resulting impact on financial services has shown the systems and processes required to support customers and members virtually are not where they should be.

According to the Cornerstone Performance Report for Banks, active mobile banking adoption was 36% in 2019 and digital origination of loans stood at 12%. Recent events — the rapid escalation of shelter-in-place branch closures, relatively expedited Paycheck Protection Program, and mass stimulus-relief payments — highlighted the fact that many community banks and credit unions lack the tools to quickly deploy critical communications.

Now is the time when customers and members need their financial institution the most. A recent Gallup poll revealed financial services consumers are looking for 3 key things to make them feel secure and engaged.

  1. Increase my peace of mind. Provide me with the relief I need to get through this crisis.
  2. Build my hope. Continually be there for me through guidance and solutions.
  3. Reduce my unnecessary stress. Make it easy for me to access staff and tools when and how I need them.

Free access to core features

Total Expert, trusted by 8 of the top 15 lenders, saw the need and answered with a lightweight version of its experience platform to aid community banks and credit unions that were struggling to quickly deploy communications to customers, members, and even internal teams.

Total Expert Now is a rapid-to-deploy, low-cost solution that contains basic features of the Total Expert platform, including email, video email, social media, landing pages, and pre-built content – all wrapped in a compliance framework. The new offering is free to qualifying banks and credit unions* and will be heavily discounted for others. 

Here’s how Total Expert Now can help community banks and credit unions better serve customers and members — to ultimately build trust in this turbulent time.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Use one platform to deploy communications across email, video email, social media, and even landing pages with options for forms.

  • Schedule and post across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one dashboard.
  • Build rich emails with Email Builder, which includes drag-and-drop features, mobile device previews, embedded video capabilities, and personalization variables like first name.
  • Leverage Expert Content: templates and ready-to-go content built by financial marketing experts.

Total Expert Now enables you to quickly communicate about your operations or relevant updates for PPP to provide relief and guidance for your customers, members, and staff.

Deliver Relevant and Personalized Communications

Ensure your customers and members are receiving messages tailored to their individual financial needs. Upload your contacts and create custom segments for marketing.

  • Leverage Smart Groups to build segments based on account details like account types, delinquent payments, etc.
  • Create custom groups with Audience Builder, which leverages inclusion/exclusion rules around contact data like location or age.

Total Expert Now enables you to proactively send relevant solutions tailored to your customers’ and members’ needs — creating peace of mind and confidence in your bank or credit union.

Communicate Consistently Across Channels

Coordinate key messages across channels and audiences to inform, educate, and engage your customers and members.

  • Execute quickly with Campaign Builder: Launch time-sensitive and seasonal outreach email (and soon social media) campaigns in minutes while targeting specific audiences at scale. 
  • Leverage Expert Content: A growing library of pre-built, customizable templates and materials designed specifically for banks and credit unions to rapidly deploy throughout the COVID-19 crisis as new information becomes available.

Total Expert Now enables you to send consistent messaging around access to online tools, relief options like skip-a-payment, and more. Customers and members will know how to use your tools and who to turn to for additional help.

Easily Ensure Compliance

Total Expert Now is built by financial services experts for banks and credit unions. Seamlessly navigate regulatory and brand compliance with communication-approval workflows, a single system of record for marketing assets, on-demand audit reports, and dynamic content that updates all disclaimers at once.

Build Trust in Turbulent Times

 “Now more than ever, human outreach, combined with a strong digital platform user experience are basic necessities,” said Jim Marous, co-publisher of the Financial Brand. “Consumers need to know that their financial institution knows them, understands them and empathizes with them at this time of need.”

We couldn’t agree more. Total Expert Now is purpose-built for community banks and credit unions to help them better serve their customers and members in this financial crisis. Sign up for quick deployment and you can more efficiently inform, educate, and engage your customers/members and serve them now and in the future.