Total Expert Integrates With Leading Video Messaging App

Total Expert Inc., a software platform for real estate, mortgage and title companies, integrated with BombBomb earlier this month.

The integration is a way to give software users the ability to send video messages through their customer relationship management tools.

“We remain deeply focused on integrating with products known for being the best in class for a particular feature,” said Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert. “BombBomb is clearly the leader in video messaging.”

BombBomb’s video messaging service allows users to upload videos from their phones and computers to send through email. Users can take video on-spot too.

“We’ve seen so many mortgage professionals win more opportunities by getting face to face more often by sending video,” said Conor McCluskey, co-founder and CEO of BombBomb. “We’re pleased to be even more in line with their daily workflow through the Total Expert integration.”

According to BombBomb, sending a video message makes communication clearer and easier than a text message or traditional email.

“Technology is not supposed to depersonalize interactions with customers,” Welu said. “It’s supposed to enhance, add velocity, and remove friction. Video keeps the human element in the transaction.”

BombBomb collected nearly 600 survey responses from different types of organizations to see how sending a video message helps their businesses.

The company completed the survey and highlighted the benefits of video email.

The survey showed that 80.72 percent of survey respondents generated more replies.

About 87 percent of respondents saw more clicks through their emails, and more than half of the 576 respondents said they generated more referrals by using video messaging. 

The entire survey can be found here: BombBomb Survey.

About BombBomb

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