Total Expert and Sales Boomerang Partner to Create Automated, Frictionless Lending Experience

New integration empowers loan officers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

Today, Total Expert, the fintech software pioneer behind the first modern, enterprise-level Marketing Operating System (MOS) specifically for financial services organizations, announced its partnership with Sales Boomerang, the top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system in the mortgage lending industry, enhancing how loan officers interact with their customers.

This integration is a robust offering to mortgage lenders, positioning them to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time by marrying Total Expert’s intelligent automation with Sales Boomerang’s borrower intelligence. Notifications are delivered directly to the loan officer and tasks are created to initiate appropriate follow-up actions based on the status of the lead, ensuring loan officers stay front and center with their customers through all stages of the customer life cycle.

“Partnering with Total Expert allows us to provide a unique experience to lenders by pairing a powerful data engine with a powerful MOS,” said Sales Boomerang Founder Alex Kutsishin. “When a new lead is added to the Total Expert MOS, it goes into Sales Boomerang for tracking, helping to plug potential gaps in the customer journey and ensuring no opportunities are missed. Loan officers are informed when a pertinent event occurs, empowering them to immediately take action due to Total Expert’s intelligent marketing.”

Loan officers using both Total Expert and Sales Boomerang are given the ability to focus on building relationships with the added peace of mind that their leads are properly nurtured based on current life events. There are numerous alerts loan officers can receive, such as a mortgage inquiry, credit score increase, equity and life events. Combining the power of customer marketing and engagement automation with borrower intelligence, loan officers can ensure they are communicating with their customers at the appropriate touchpoints.

“The Total Expert and Sales Boomerang integration arms our loan officers with the right information and provides visibility to engage with customers based on what’s happening in their lives – ensuring we miss fewer opportunities to serve our customers,” said American Pacific Mortgage Director of Integration and Branch Technology Michael Guidotti. “This integration centralizes data to further empower our loan officers with the tech stack they need to enhance relationships and help their customers achieve their version of the American dream.”

“As consumer expectations continue to rise, lenders must find unique ways to stay connected with their customers at all times and provide a seamless experience throughout the entire customer life cycle,” said Total Expert President Jeff Walton. “Sales Boomerang is a cutting-edge platform that supports our efforts to provide lenders with a best-in-class solution to build relationships, increase revenue and keep customers coming back long after their first transaction.”

Total Expert is a fintech software pioneer of the first modern, enterprise-level Marketing Operating System (MOS) that enables lending and financial services firms to create customers or members for life by blending human relationships with digital simplicity. We power marketing and revenue growth for the U.S. mortgage industry and ensure banks and lenders stay ahead of how consumers expect to communicate, shop, and manage their financial lives in the digital/social era. For more information, visit

Sales Boomerang is designed to give mortgage companies, banks and mortgage professionals the ability to receive alerts when an unqualified customer becomes qualified. It also provides the ability to take existing customers and bring them back to you when they’re ready for another loan. Lenders with an average of 50,000 records in their database will miss over 12,000 opportunities every year. Sales Boomerang believes that every borrower is important and deserves a great experience from their lender, so they built this service to accomplish exactly that goal. For more information, visit