Week 1: Welcome to Bootcamp

In order to set you up for success during this bootcamp, we need to first make sure that your Total Expert account ready to go for bootcamp by completing these few steps:

Ensure your contact information and address are filled out

Make sure your profile photo and company and team logos are updated

Review your notification settings and make sure all your notifications are turned on

Review all the available integrations and setup the integrations you want to connect

Week 2: Building Power Partnerships

The ability to co-market within our marketing system is a huge benefit for you and your real estate agents and builders. This week, you will learn how to get the word out to all of your current partners as well as those you’d like to do business with. Start by completing these few steps:

Send three Co-marketing partner invites

Send follow-up to partners who have not connected yet

Add an existing co-marketing partner to the Co-Marketing Journey

Week 3: Focus on Efficiency

This week we are focusing on efficiency – how to get more done, with less effort! Are you tired of trying to figure out how to focus your time and resources? With Total Expert, you can sit back and let the technology work for you. This week you are going to learn how to leverage the automation of Focused View and optimize the power of the Daily Digest. Start by completing these two steps:

Go into this morning’s Daily Digest email and take two actions based on the information you see

View _____ Focused View and follow up with leads. Make sure to log an outcome for every lead you connect with.

Week 4: Let’s Get Social!

How are you using social media today to boost your brand? This week we are going to learn all about how to use social media within your marketing platform to expand your reach, engage your network and enhance your online presence. Get ready to get social.

Schedule four social media posts for the next month (that is only 1 a week!) and post across channels

Create a Single Property Website for one of your partners listings and post to social

Week 5: Create WOW!

This week we are going to show you a few of the ways you can WOW your partners and your clients. Distinguish yourself from the competition by utilizing easy modern tools such as Lead Capture Apps and personalized Infographics that will help elevate your buyer experience and drive more business. Start by completing these two tasks:

Create a Lead Capture App and _______!

Create infographic and send to your buyer!

Week 6: Launch and Love

Congrats! You have officially made it to the final week of bootcamp. For this last week, we want to make sure you know where to go if you ever need help going forward. If you ever get stuck, there are multiple help resources there to assist you – all you just need to know is where to find them.

Navigate to help center and read or watch 2 help videos/articles that pique your interest

If none of our help resources can answer your question, reach out to a support agent at any time. Just click the blue chat bubble in platform!

You are a Total Expert, EXPERT!

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