Mortgage Professional America: Want to Improve Your Sales and Marketing Efforts?

On August 2, 2018, Total Expert was featured in Mortgage Professional America magazine.

Finding the right tools to support your business can be almost as difficult as getting business itself—and sometimes even harder.

But Intercoastal Mortgage, a full service mortgage lender based in the mid-Atlantic region, selected the Total Expert Marketing Operating System™ in 2017, which has boosted sales and marketing efforts by supporting the marketing and branding of individual originators.

“The fact that Total Expert worked with us to help our MLOs brand themselves was a big deal for us because we didn’t want to tell them they couldn’t do this on their marketing pieces. Personal branding is so important to our MLOs to help them grow their business with Intercoastal. It is great to have this partnership with Total Expert to make this happen,” said Intercoastal Mortgage Marketing Manager Jelaire Grillo in a statement.

Read the full article in Mortgage Professional America magazine.