Mortgage Professional America: Digital Transformation Elevates the Lending Process

On May 31, 2018, Total Expert was featured in Mortgage Professional America magazine.

Everyone wants to be able to leverage data in order to catch those potential borrowers who fall through the cracks. So when Total Expert, a web-based, enterprise-level marketing and sales software solution built specifically for mortgage and financial services, partnered with Blend, a leading provider of digital mortgage workflows, a new avenue opened up for loan originators. The partnership enables data integration between the two companies, allowing loan officers to originate mortgage loans more efficiently and transparently.

“Maybe [clients] haven’t finished the application, or maybe they’ve applied, gotten approved, but haven’t closed on a loan. A big way our customers want to use it is to stay in front of those people until they actually close on a transaction,” said Joe Welu, CEO and founder of Total Expert. “There’s something that’s fairly popular in the industry right now, and that’s consumers are doing what we call multi-apping, meaning they’re going on Zillow or somewhere and filling out a bunch of applications, so it’s really important for the mortgage companies and banks to stay in front of that customer through the sales cycle.”

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