Forbes: In Fight To Make Mortgages More Nimble, Blend Bets On Partners

On April 17, 2018, Total Expert and Blend were featured in Forbes discussing our new integration.

Blend, a San Francisco-based startup that partners with big banks to re-imagine the mortgage borrowing experience, today announced plans to open a marketplace for home finance innovation. Like an app store, the new Blend Marketplace invites companies that service the mortgage industry to sell digital tools–APIs–through its platform. For now the store is small, launching with two applications. If the model proves successful, however, partners say it has the potential to speed up the pace of change in an industry that still relies heavily on e-mailed PDFs and spreadsheets.  

LendingTree is one of two launch partners on this project. The other is startup Total Expert,which makes customer relationship management software specifically for the mortgage industry and has raised $14 million in funding. Joe Welu, CEO of startup Total Expert, argues better integration will allow that different steps of the mortgage process–marketing and sales then transacting and servicing–to flow more seamlessly.  

The industry had been “part wild west, part fast talking sales people,” he says. “It’s really the first inning in digital transformation in this space.” 

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