Bootcamp Instructions: Know Before You Go!

Week 1: Kickoff – Before you begin

In week 1 you will be completing specific tasks to ensure that your account is set up correctly and you are ready to proceed with this six week bootcamp. The first week may feel a bit more tedious than normal, but don’t worry, we are almost to the good stuff. Below you will find 5 tasks for week 1, each with step-by-step instructions and an accompanied video to help you. If you have any questions throughout the next 6 weeks, please feel free to reach out to your Marketing team at

Photos and logos

Update your profile

Integration Setup

Notifications Setup

Make yourself a contact

Week 2: Power Partnerships – Co-Marketing Partner Invites/Engage

Week 2 is all about the power of partnerships! This week we are focusing on nurturing and creating those co-marketing partner relationships. Below you will find 3 tasks for week 2, each with step-by-step instructions and an accompanied video to help you… AND, we even have a special prize that awaits the top three most engaged loan officers this week! If you run into any problems or need any addition guidance, please contact your Marketing team at

Week 3: Campaigns/Journeys (Don’t Stop Believin’)

Week 2 will get you to an even better place!

Add contact

Week 4: Secret Sauce – Social Media, Integrations, Video

On to week 4 where you will be in the best place

Create Social Post

Send BombBomb

Schedule Posts

Week 5: Purchase Pack – Listing Kits, Single Property Sites

The week that will place in the best position!

Create a Rate Flyer

Create an Infographic

Create a Single Property Site

Create a Lead Capture App

Week 6: Launch and Love – Final Session

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3