Welcome to the Total Expert bootcamp

A few things to know before you begin…


Week 1: Power Partnerships – Co-Marketing Partner Invites/Engage

1. Send one or more Co-Marketing Partner invites

2. Send follow-up to partners who have not connected yet

3. PREMIUM USERS: Manually add contact to the Agent Co-Marketing Promotion Journey

Week 2: Campaigns/Journeys (Don’t Stop Believin’)

1. Opt in to “Fairway My Way – Prospecting” journey & add at least one contact.

2.Opt in to “Fairway My Way – Business Loyalty” journey & add at least one contact.

PREMIUM USERS: Opt in to the “In Process – Purchase or Refinance” Journey

Week 3: Secret Sauce – Social Media, Integrations, Video

1. Create a social media post that resonates with you and POST!

2. Create a BombBomb video and send to a group of contacts.

3.Send SMS opt in text to your network.

Week 4: Purchase Pack – Listing Kits, Single Property Sites

1. Create a rate flyer from an MLS listing.

2. Create infographic and share with a Co-Marketing Partner.

3. PREMIUM USERS: Create a Single Property Site for as many listings as desired.

4. PREMIUM USERS: Create a Lead Capture App (Open House Layout) for an upcoming open house and send to your partner.

Want to upgrade to Premium Status?

At any point in the bootcamp you can upgrade to Fairway My Way Premium, which will give you access to intelligent automation including in process campaigns, Lead Capture Apps, integrations with all your favorite tools like MBS Highway, MLS data integrated features like just listed / just sold marketing, Single Property Sites…..and so much more! Reach out to marketing@fairwaymc.com for any questions.

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