A Guide to Your Engagement Resources:

We have created this resource page as an easy, one-stop-shop for all your engagement resource needs. Here you will find many resources that highlight the different features and functionality within Total Expert, which you can then easily download and share as needed. Without having to log into the Total Expert platform, the engagement resource page will enable you to drive adoption and usage of the platform within your organization. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to your CSM or bobbijo.dallas@totalexpert.com.

“Welcome to Total Expert” Videos

These “welcome to Total Expert videos” can be used for welcoming/introducing people to Total Expert. There are three different versions of the same video to fit three different personas: Executives or company leadership, Salespeople, and potential recruits.

Company Leadership

Loan Officers and Salespeople


Success Playbooks

The Success Playbook is here to guide you through your whole entire customer journey with Total Expert. It outlines what you can expect from our team throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle, from the point of contract signing all the way to becoming a customer for life. Be sure to note that there are three different versions of the document: Mortgage, Banking, and Credit Union. Download carefully and enjoy!

Success Playbook – Mortgage

Success Playbook – Banking

Success Playbook – Credit Union

MLO Onboarding & Engagement Campaign – Video & Email

Check out these Loan Officer engagement videos and emails that promote adoption and usage of the platform! Below you will see that these assets are grouped by feature and functionality of the Total Expert platform. Don’t forget that all emails and videos use generic references to the platform, so that those of you who have white-labeled the platform can use without confusion. Please feel free to download email content and share videos as needed!

General Promotion

Automated Communication

Promoting your profile

Brand Consistency

Marketing to Partners

Personalized Videos

Email Notifications

SPS to Social Media

Lead Capture Apps

Property/Listing Flyers

Social Media Integrations

Partner Connection & Engagement Campaign – Video & Email

Check out this series of videos and emails designed to help your Loan Officers connect and engage with Agents/Builders. These assets are specifically designed for engaging agents, increasing co-marketing connections and creating profitable partnerships. Below you will see that these assets are grouped by feature and functionality of the Total Expert platform. Download email content and share videos as needed!

TE Overview for Partners

SWOT Analysis

Collaborating in Total Expert

Single Property Sites

EDDM Overview

Print Marketing

Lead Management

Lead Capture App

Open House Help

Automate Follow-Up

SPS to Social Media

Automated Marketing

Co-Marketing Partner Flyers

Below you will find marketing collateral to support connecting with new partners and encouraging existing partners to utilize the benefits of Total Expert. Download and share these materials with your current or prospective co-marketing connections!

Benefits of Total Expert

Print Marketing

Lead Capture Apps

Single Property Sites

Lead Management

Frequently Asked Questions

MLO Facing Communications for Upcoming Trainings

In order to help you promote upcoming Loan Officer trainings, we have gone ahead and put together some Loan Officer facing communication materials to help you get started! You will find a sample email and a Loan officer facing video, ready for you to swipe, adapt and send out to your team!

Quick Hit Training Videos

Below you will find some quick hit videos that highlight key features in the Total Expert platform. These are easily shareable and are awesome for a quick refresher on certain aspects of the platform.

Build a Co-Marketing Print Flyer

Connecting to a Co-Marketing Partner

Using Single Property Sites

Using Lead Capture Apps for an Open House

Building a Property Rate Flyer

Marketing Using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Using Auto-Campaigns to Keep in Touch With Customers

Using Email Statistics to Manage Message Effectiveness

Expert Insights

Below you will find videos from our all new LinkedIn series, Expert Insights. Hear from industry thought leaders as they share some of their unique experiences and key insights as they begin looking into the future. If you would like your company to be featured, please reach out to bobbijo.dallas@totalexpert.com!

Rob Henger, FirstBank

Dave Savage, MortgageCoach

Jay Promisco, Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Bill Dallas, Finance of America

Mel Marsh, Movement Mortgage

Ron Millard, Envoy Mortgage

Dawn Bradshaw, Wintrust Mortgage

Rich Swerbinsky, The Mortgage Collaborative

Release Notes 2020

Below you will find an archive of our 2020 release notes. This will be updated on a monthly cadence so you will always be able to find the latest release and reference previous notes.

August 2020 Release Notes

July 2020 Release Notes

June 2020 Release Notes

May 2020 Release Notes

April 2020 Release Notes

March 2020 Release Notes

February 2020 Release Notes

Jan 2020 Release Notes