Emergence Capital: Joining Forces with Total Expert to Power the Future of Marketing in Financial Services

On Oct. 11, 2018, Total Expert was featured on Emergence Capital’s blog.

We’re proud to announce our investment in Total Expert. Total Expert has created the first fully-integrated enterprise-grade Marketing Operation System for the financial services industry. The Total Expert platform enables banks and lenders to market to their end customers in a scalable yet personal way while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Our investment in Total Expert is a reflection of the industry cloud thesis built on our early investment in Veeva Systems. The Total Expert team has a unique combination of industry-specific knowledge and SaaS expertise. CEO Joe Welu, President Jeff Walton and Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard bring a combined 60+ years of financial services experience while CRO Chris Lyon, CTO Brian Walerius and CFO Charles Wyatt provide the SaaS product and go-to-market expertise. This team has combined perfectly to focus deeply on the financial services industry and we can see the compounding effects of happy enterprise customer referrals, layering the cake with multiple products that solve industry specific pain points and the power of unlocking industry specific data to power customer insights.

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