Data + Insights

Meet customer preferences and needs with a deeper view into motivational, transactional, and behavioral data—all to deliver personalized, tailored communications.

How We’re Different

40+ Integrations

Build a modern tech stack with over 40 industry-leading integrations with point of sales, loan origination systems, pricing engines, and other data providers.

360-Degree Contact View

Get a true 360-degree contact view with access to behavioral, transactional, and motivational data—all in one platform for better engagement.

Reporting & Analytics

Dig into key performance indicators for marketing and sales across to truly understand and optimize ROI.

Bring in data from your tech stack to understand your customers and members like never before—giving you essential visibility to transform engagement.

Build better relationships with our intelligent automation engine, powering the Total Expert platform to engage with customers at the right time with the right message.

Get a true 360-degree view of contacts with motivational, transactional, and behavioral data to segment audiences so you can personalize communication at scale.

Capture the voice of the consumer to use zero-party data to personalize and tailor communication to consumers to meet them with the right message at the right time.

Drive better business outcomes with clear visibility into key performance indicators to understand your return on investment throughout the entire financial journey.

Give your developers the tools they need to build integrations with the Total Expert platform—turning it into your single source of truth for all data points.


Momentum Loans

“The ability to leverage the Total Expert Platform to manage our entire database with minimal effort is huge,” state Cahoon. “Total Expert is a multiplier of effort—it takes the work we do, multiplies it, and as a result, converts a much higher percentage of our database than what we could do alone.”

James Cahoon

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Momentum Loans

Deliver the total experience, every time–with Total Expert.