PrimeLending Delivers a More Personalized and Compliant Customer Experience

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“We needed a platform built for the mortgage industry — one that caters to everything we work with and need on a daily basis, and can empower our field to deliver targeted digital campaigns.”

Alex Kidder, Marketing Programs Manager

A Marketing Platform Built for the Mortgage Industry

Routinely ranked as a top-10 purchase lender by Scotsman Guide magazine, PrimeLending is a people-centric company dedicated to providing a personal mortgage experience to its customers.

That’s why leaders knew they had to find better marketing technology once PrimeLending began handling record-breaking volumes. Specifically, they needed a centralized platform that would empower loan officers to access and execute their own targeted digital campaigns. It had to help marketing automate manual processes, so team members could spend their time on more strategic initiatives. And it had to be extremely intuitive and easy to use while delivering quick, tangible, and measurable results.

PrimeLending selected Total Expert as its new marketing platform.

PrimeLending Achieved

  • 90-96% loan officer adoption rate for opt-out in-process email Journeys
  • 91% loan officer adoption rate for CX-focused journeys
  • 84% loan officer enrollment in one or more auto campaigns

The Total Expert Difference

Using Total Expert, PrimeLending’s marketing team quickly built over 160 “Journeys” — Total Expert’s term for email nurture streams — of which 56 are automated. They designed, for example, a Journey to capture prospects who haven’t yet submitted an application and are still searching for a home. Impressively, they also created more than 100 Journeys to help new PrimeLending hires start producing on day one via in-process communications and comprehensive onboarding.

Marketing also uses Total Expert to ensure new-hire profiles are compliant and turnkey by adding the appropriate state disclaimers, activating relevant marketing assets, and integrating appropriate apps — like Twilio — into it before new loan officers log in to the platform for the first time.

But marketers aren’t the only ones using Total Expert. PrimeLending’s field-based loan officers readily adopted and heavily leverage Total Expert — 91% of them use its customer experience-focused journeys, 84% are enrolled in one or more auto campaigns, and 90-96% leverage Total Expert-powered opt-out in-process email Journeys.

All in all, with Total Expert, PrimeLending’s marketing and sales teams now can reach borrowers with the right message at the right time, in a significantly more efficient manner — and continue to provide the personalized service and guidance PrimeLending customers have come to expect.