2022 Expy Awards Highlight: The Modernizer – American Pacific Mortgage

Every interaction an American Pacific Mortgage loan officer has with an individual or company matters. The innovative technology Total Expert offers our team allows us to build a lasting relationship with every customer and help them feel empowered in making decisions for their financial future.” – Melissa Wright, chief sales and marketing officer at American Pacific Mortgage

Since 1996, American Pacific Mortgage has worked diligently to create meaningful connections with every customer. For its commitment to blowing the doors off dusty pre-conceptions of a financial institution and delivering heightened customer experiences through an innovative marketing approach, American Pacific Mortgage is the recipient of Total Expert’s 2022 Expy Award for “The Modernizer.”

The California-based mortgage lender is known for creating experiences that matter for home buyers across the United States. To streamline the entire end-to-end customer journey, American Pacific Mortgage recently launched their PRIMO initiative (Production. Reimagined. Modernized.) to expedite the loan process and deliver an improved customer experience. 

Using Total Expert, the American Pacific Mortgage team has leveled up by applying modern automation technology to some of the manual, mundane tasks faced by loan officers. As a result, they have seen highly impressive results:

  • 85% of American Pacific Mortgage’s loan officers are using Total Expert
  • Following a complete overhaul of all drip campaigns and journeys, their team raised average open rates to over 58%
  • In 2021, their team closed $24 billion coming off a year where they experienced 60% growth in sales and 49.6% retention

“As a home mortgage lender, we recognize that every agreement represents a family, a home, and a major life decision,” said Wright. “Partnering with Total Expert gives our team the tools necessary to modernize the process and create a successful customer experience.” 

For more on this year’s Total Expert Expy Award recipients, visit totalexpert.com/company/news/total-expert-announces-expy-award-winners.